Beyonce’s Wonder Woman was a Hoax

While we sometimes share topics of wild speculation we typically identify it as such. And then there are some stories that we just wont touch without confirmation from a reliable source.

One fire that I neglected to fan was Beyonce as Wonder Woman. Not because I doubted it could happen, but more because there has been NO talk about DC moving forward with Wonder Woman just yet, and the article breaking Beyonce as the star named a director and filming to begin in 8 months.

And then I just couldn’t see them doing Wonder Woman with a non-actor in the lead considering the trends of the current breed of Comic book films.

Well it turns out that the mass disapproval of the news was validated as the whole thing turned out to be a hoax.

WorstPreviews exposes:

It now turns out that this information came from a scooper and it is 100% false. The scooper has decided to come clean and has emailed ComicBookMovie explaining that he made up the story in order to impress his girlfriend. The site has banned him and has posted an apology.

So it seems that as much as Beyonce wants to play Wonder Woman, Warner Bros has yet approach her.

So while the site comes clean with its breaking of the story I hold no ill will against their efforts. Breaking a story first is a big win for websites that talk about movie news, and I cannot fault them for being eager to be the first with the story.

I am just glad that it turned out to be a hoax, as that disappointment is far easier to swallow than finding out the scooper was accurate.

But at the end of it all I just wonder just who this contributor was who thought this would impress a girl. This esteemed role I hold here at this site has never scored me any points with the ladies.

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21 thoughts on “Beyonce’s Wonder Woman was a Hoax

  1. Me too! McPhee? shes a hottie but enough of American Idol already, a Talent Show contestant should’nt be considered a celebrity in my book.

    Singing covers on a T.V. show does’nt really impress IMO

  2. The role of Wonder Woman should go to the American Idol runner-up Katerine McPhee and I just hate that she cut her beautiful threshes, plus died them blond. All to change her image suggested by some team of publicist. These people kill me who they pick to guide there careers. Make them lose them or/nor ever have a career. Hopefully, Katherine McPhee will be considered and she really wants to do this project…

    1. I would prefer an ACTRESS!

      Sorry, Megan Gale is not an actress, she is a model. I am sure she would look pretty in the outfit, but a movie needs more than that.

      She was offered the role for that lame Justice League movie that never made it off the ground. This kind of casting is just one reason.

  3. Wonder Woman will NOT work as a movie. Note that everyone is talking about who is HOT ENOUGH to play WW, not about who is the best ACTING-WISE. Comic book movies with female leads are more about how to show off the lead’s titties than they are about the story, which is why they are so weak.

    Catwoman, Elektra, Aeon Flux, what were these movies about? No one can tell you. But they can damn sure describe their outfits, can’t they!

    1. You say that as if it’s a bad thing :-(

      Honestly speaking, though, I think either Scarlett Johansenn or Rosario Dawson could pull WW off…..of course, there might be a Scarlett overkill by the time Iron Man 2 releases, but hey, she’s hot, she’s voluptuous (that’s polite for: she’s got titties the size of mountains–perfect WW stuff) AND she can act…..


    2. Doesn’t mean that Wonder Woman would turn out that way. Of course, they’d need to tap into the whole “girl power” thing of the character but if they could, it could be probably the only chance a female superhero will be successful on the big screen.

    3. Wow! talk about a double standard there. So an attractive female cannot act given the chance? I suppose a Male lead is not chosen also on his chiseled bod and good looks?

      It works both ways is all I am saying. But I do agree with your post to a certain extent.

      Hey Wonder Woman is a cherished comic that is enjoyed by millions and there is a certain expectation that comes with playing that role, you say it cannot be done…. But I say there is a Woman out there who is both athletic, attractive and smart who can pull off this role. Its up to the movie studios to find her.

    1. If it were me, I would cast someone like Missy Peregrym. She has a pleasing but Athletic build and broad shoulders, but still manages to pull off feminine very well.

      She would of course have to die her hair but not a huge deal breaker in my book. I have seen hundreds of names mentioned in forums and blogs. Everyone always picks there favorite.

  4. Rodeny chill, pure joke to get a reaction..I honestly like the idea of Rosario Dawson i think she could pull it off, she obviously isn’t a carbon copy of Lynda Carter but think she has the looks and the acting chops to pull it off.

    1. Right, because Beyonce wasn’t a bad enough suggestion.

      Lets have a dancer/model who isnt at all an actor at all play the lead role. That’s far better.

      She might make a nice pinup poster of Wonder Woman, but I will take an ACTOR any day over some dancer/reality tv judge.

  5. I am glad the rumor was false, I do likes me some Beyonce’ but I don’t really see her as Wonder Woman. Body wise she is voluptuous but I would be expecting someone a little more cut with more of an athletic build as WW. I know Lynda Carter was of the same body type (Voluptuous), but I don’t think she would make it as today’s Wonder Woman either.

    This is a new era for Hero movies, and there are higher expectations with the recent success of Iron Man, Batman and etc.

    I am very interested in who they would cast though, sadly it may never happen anyhow.

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