Alex Garland to Write Judge Dredd Remake

Back in the 80s and 90s, Stallone was untouchable. No matter how bad a movie was that he did, people seemed to forgive him. In time some distance from his cheesefest of action films that littered his career and the stinkiest of his appearances was in the post apocalyptic comic adaptation Judge Dredd.

Well that painful eyesore will get a chance at redemption as a remake is underway at the pen of Alex Garland

The Film Stage says:

Sunshine and 28 Days Later writer Alex Garland is working on a new update to Judge Dredd. Yes, a remake of the 1995 Danny Cannon directed film starring Sylvester Stallone.

I seem to have some memory of liking Judge Dredd. At least the idea of a police force that could arrest, judge and pass sentence in a harsh world of injustice.

But the movie was terrible. Truly. And not in that “so bad its good” kind of terrible. Just the terrible kind.

I hope that the adaptation struggles in the right direction and we get an adaptation worthy of our thwarted memories of how cool the comic character was.

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20 thoughts on “Alex Garland to Write Judge Dredd Remake

  1. The Danny Cannon film was mindless dribble. There some nice, cool moments but they occurred when Armand Assante was on the screen- and his premature clones had a creeped out look I recall.

    In that film they didn’t show enough of Mega City One to be that much of an impact…but I wonder. Can’t there just be a loose sequel? Dredd does age in real time, after all.

  2. “Hacking into a government food services droid 5yrs” (Dredd)

    “but dredd those guys had guns” (Shneider)

    “Then you should’ve went out the window” (Dredd)

    “Its 5 stories thats suicide” (Shneider)

    “Yeah but it would have been legal, TAKE HIM AWAY HERSHEY!” (Dredd)

    CLASSIC MOVIE and Armand Assante as Rico with those terrible blue contact lenses come on this movie was great.

  3. You know what? That Judge Dredd movie was fine until the moment Stallone took off his helmet…and left it off. Then it ceased to be a Judge Dredd movie, and became another Stallone movie. Fucking Stallone ego. Dredd never takes of his goddamn helmet.

    Until that moment though, I liked it.

      1. I enjoyed the film as well, Schneider had no place in it, if you took him out it would have elevated the film, Dredd doesn’t need a goofy sidekick, but regardless, I think the movie is not the abomination it is made out to be. Not a great film by any means, but an enjoyable one. Max Von Sydow and Armand Assante were great. Stallone was fine, not great but he has done worse (“Stop! Or My Mom Will shoot” oh god it hurts to just type that). Definitely time for a reboot, would like to see a darker vision of Dredd.

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