The Movie Blog Podcast – September 9th 2009

Hey guys. This is the newest installment of The Movie Blog Podcast. Today I’m joined once again by Soul Video and In Contention Senior Editor Kristopher Tapley.

Today we discuss:

1) Guy Ritchie directing a “Lobo” movie
2) The future of Star Trek
3) A-Team casting
4) New Rambo movie

and a few things more.

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23 thoughts on “The Movie Blog Podcast – September 9th 2009

  1. Thats my all time favorite DS9 Episode. I reference that scene all the time! I really hope if they do Klingons in the next movie they look like the the original series Klingons. You telling that story/scene was like listening to a recording of myself.

  2. Great podcast, best lines of the whole show:

    “I feel like there’s a movie coming out today…uh,Six?”

    “We don’t like to talk about it.”

    “Can you grow a crazy beard?” Yes “Can you wear 85lbs. of fake chains?” Yes “Hired!”

    “Predators on ice.”

    “Contra movie moving only left and right”

    “The Very Pathetic Rise of Cobra”

    “The Brief Ascent of Cobra”

    “The Depressing Conception of Cobra”

    “G.I.JOE… wait for it, wait for it, wait for it… the Rise and Fall of Cobra.”

  3. iagree with u on the lobo comic…he is just mental…i to like guys style…..didnt really care for rocknrolla either…..and really i agree on the lose translation cause space would be lame in a real movie…”Lobo in Bakersfield” haha

      1. That’s like making a Call of Duty movie where you see through first person view, never seeing or hearing what the character looks or sounds like.

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