Optimus Prime presents Letterman’s Top Ten List

Remember back before the first Transformers movie? They had a contest to “Make Prime Say Something!” which I think the winner was the “all intelligent life forms have the right to live” or something. But among the voting list were a few uncharacteristic lines.

Well David Letterman, who’s famous Top Ten list often has celebrity and common man guests revealing the lines had Optiumus Prime on where the Top Ten list was “Things that sound cooler when said by a Giant Robot”

Its funny, but after seeing Prime grip his “chest windows” like that I will now forever think of Prime as wearing a suit jacket. Odd.

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19 thoughts on “Optimus Prime presents Letterman’s Top Ten List

  1. John

    The line is: “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.” It was his motto on the box of his original G-1 toy. =D

    He says it in the film when the other autobots are arguing about why they have to protect the humans.

  2. That was terrible… struggled to watch it all the way through. Given that this is my first experience of David Letterman, can someone tell me, is he always that depressingly unfunny?

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