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Sandra Bullock used to be the It girl for just about any film. Her earthy charm and ability to clean up like a supermodel and drive a bus won us over, then she kinda faded out and disappeared. Oh, she had work, but no one really seemed to just jump that Bullock was in a movie.

Well now she will be in a romantic comedy called The Proposal, and so far the only thing that has me half interested is the supporting cast. Ryan Reynolds will be playing her assistant who is forced into a sham engagement to keep her in the US.

Part of keeping up appearances has Sandra and Ryan going to Alaska to break the happy news to his family where Betty White plays his mother. In perfect form, Betty White plays the innocent aging mother figure who says inappropriate things. And we love her for it.

It’s “the morning”.

Reynolds and Betty White will be my only reason for wanting to see this. If you are still interested, Cinema Blend has more clips from the movie, (complete with annoying commercial ads) though none as funny as that one.

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3 thoughts on “New Clips from The Proposal Online

  1. A) Betty White, I’m sure, is the grandmother, not the mother.

    b) It’s funny that they have an American playing a Canadian, and a Canadian playing an American.

    c) Don’t be so hard on Sandra. She hasn’t done a rom-com in a while. Leave the woman be. Ya, so it may not be a knock ’em out movie, but it’s probably better than 90% of the crap that’s out there or coming (HELLO! GI JOE looks like sh*t!)

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