The Movie Blog: Uncut Podcast – June 1st 2009

Hey there guys. I’m currently in beautiful Las Vegas for an industry party at the legendary Playboy suite at the Palms, but that didn’t stop us from doing an Uncut episode today. Via the wonders of Skype I’m joined once again by Soul Video and Chuck Norris. Today we discuss:

1) Subjectivity in film

2) Soul has seen “The Hangover” and gives us his thoughts

3) UP (Best movie of the year and of the last 3 years)

4) Drag Me To Hell (not so much)

5) Bryan Singer maybe returning to the X-Men universe?

6) Joss Whedon not involved with Buffy movie

All this and a few things more.

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52 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut Podcast – June 1st 2009

  1. Very glad these are back.

    The new crew is doing a great job. The original crew will always be remembered fondly. Hmmm, is there a Star Trek analogy happening here?

    BTW, mark me down as an original Trek series fan who is totally down the new version. Can’t wait to see where they go with the sequel – but please do something totally original!

    Finally, UP is a perfect movie.

  2. As with what a poster above said, John’s “theory” of subjectivity can be applied to any art form. Kind of ironic that a few items later after the “Film is subjective!” alert we are told that Up! is “the best movie of the past three years”. From what I can see, the use of reminding people that film is subjective serves the purpose of making people admit that they are not always right about everything. But that’s not to say that everything is always completely subjective. If everything was subjective, then why listen to anyone’s opinion about anything? Why listen to anyone’s movie review if everything is subjective? Maybe because some people are better than others at giving a review? Well–not so fast–isn’t it SUBJECTIVE to suggest that anyone is “better” than anyone else at giving a movie review? The whole subjectivity issue is actually part of a larger debate about relativity that has been going on for many decades. At heart, though it may be totalitarian for one person to insist that they are always right about everything, it is just as much a form of intellectual terrorism to insist that everything is subjective and thus no one can possibly be correct about anything. Also, FACTS are not subjective. If a certain documentary filmmaker includes false facts in his documentary, then the documentary is misleading, and that is not a “subjective” call to deem something factually incorrect. But I understand we’re talking about art here, and aesthetics in general are much more subjective. I believe there’s a phrase “There’s no accounting for taste.”

    To another above poster, I think it’s quite obvious that the tagline of “the home of correct movie opinions” is a joke.

  3. Well john I don’t like that movie or Two twoers but love the Fellowship of the ring!,And 11 Oscars or all the Oscars they mean JACK-SHIT when you give an oscar to Eminem.

  4. Soul, if you’re reading this sir you have no idea how bad I feel for you. I haven’t seen (or should I say cannot see) ‘Up’ yet but if it’s as perfect, soaring and moving as others are saying then that first impression is so important. A movie like that becomes so special that you remember exactly where you saw it for the first time and how you felt. Unfortunately, I guess you will too for all the wrong reasons.

    On the other hand, maybe it’s poetic justice for insulting Kristina;) Thanks for the show guys.

  5. Hey… love the podcasts but nothing as a video podcast… is it so dificult? you have video reviews why dont return to the regular video podcasts??? im a cinema teacher from Portugal and everyday i’d wait for your video cast to come up, just then i’ll went to sleep, sometimes at 3 am lol
    Loved the video casts and I miss Doug!
    I watch your blog everyday many times a day… so… keep on the good work! ;)

  6. Another good and entertaining show guys! Next time you should have a video version with Playboy bunnies serving drinks in it though. But make sure I’m there for that one.

    John – I don’t think Serenity bombed as bad as you say. Production budget was $39 million, and did $25 million domestic with a total $38 million worldwide (including US). Also doesn’t factor in DVD sales.

    Chuck – You have seen at least one thing by Joss Whedon, Serenity, he wrote and directed it.

    Soul – Next time bring a knife to the theaters so you can shank any chatty teenagers

    1. Oh yeah. I always forget about that movie although I liked it a lot. I tried watching Firefly afterward but couldn’t get past the first episode. Perhaps one day…

    2. Firefly actually is better than the movie Serenity. It takes a few episodes but once you get a feel for the characters, the dynamics and dialogue are great. It’s not as action oriented as the movie, but some of the most likable characters you’ll find on TV.


    1. They all have careers and things in their life that took them elsewhere. Darren is currently on the other side of the planet, and Bruxy is always busy with speaking engagements etc. Doug is pursuing his comedy career.

      They didn’t vanish, life just got in the way and they are doing other things.

  7. Totally agree with you that UP is targeted to older people that kids could enjoy. I’ve been telling everyone who is married or getting married that they should watch it together with their spouse.

  8. Good to hear about the Hangover being good! Can’t wait! UP I gave a 9/10 and it’s the best of the year, But best of last three years? Sorry, I disagree although UP was amazing.

    Drag Me To Hell I loved a lot, kind of shocked you thought it was OK but alright cool.

    John, you are not alone I loved superman Returns. Yes Goyer is HORRIBLE, BAD BAD IDEA. Singer returning, good idea. Yes they are having way too much X Men films, I disagree Chuck, comic book movies are not getting old. Dang one year after Dark Knight already…wow. I’m getting a little tired of X Men movies lately, but I don’t hate em.

    Great job guys, sorry Soul about that UP experience. Btw, they do show too much in trailers now and WTF were those guys doing at an UP screening anyway!??!

    1. I think I’m pretty much alone in thinking that Batman Begins is a better movie than The Dark Knight. That said, my burnout problem is probably my own and not due to the diminishing quality of said movies.

    2. I like Batman Begins more then Dark Knight, but Joker was a far more interesting villain.

      Pixar’s trailers are always lackluster, but their movies are great, actually the only trailer I kinda like was Cars, which I thought was Pixar’s worst movie. UP is one of the best Pixar movies, but I don’t know if it makes my top 10.

  9. Hey John, love the discussion about subjectivity of films though it was strange listening to with
    your tagline “The Official Home of Correct Movie Opinions” at the top of the website, hahahahaha


    1. Soul,

      What you should do is go up to them and say “I’ll be Back”(w/ an Austrian accent) and then get in your car and drive it into the theatre.

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