ePix Launches Private Online Beta Today

An HD digital delivery service online that will bring you feature films and original series content has launched its Private Beta Online today.

ePiX is a service brought to you via Studio3 Partners which has agreements for films from the vaults of Viacom, Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate. Free content will be available to subscribers as well as premium content for new releases.

No deals set for cable or satelite distribution which would be in the form of an “On Demand” service. The Online service was always a part of the deal, and the delays on cable/sat side could just mean cable companies trying to get better terms to carry the service as part of their packages.

As this moves forward online, hopefully we will see major provider distribution on board as well as other studios getting on with it too.

Is this a service you could see yourself using? Will it eventually drive the DVD rental places out of business or simply offer competition?

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8 thoughts on “ePix Launches Private Online Beta Today

  1. Probably geographically restricted again so that only the US gets to use the service. When will US content owners realise there are more people in the world willing to pay for this who do NOT live in the US than there are who do.

    It’s not like the UK is a small market, but I’m tired of HULU’s ‘not available in your region’.

    The ‘net removed geographic restrictions, and content owners worked hard to put them back.

    1. Very likely, however it is not the service that is restricting it to the US, its the laws elsewhere.

      Here in Canada it is the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) that is interfering. They are not adhering to certain guidelines of the CRTC governs over so the stream is not valid. This is also why the content is different on what I can buy on iTunes.

      Also in some countries where copyright is more of a suggestion, they wont allow the content to be viewed there either.

      The laws are different for this content in different parts of the world, (Middle eastern countries censor a LOT even in theaters) so until everyone is on the same page they have to restrict it.

      Its not the service, they would LOVE to have a couple hundred thousand subscribers in the UK, but they can’t just yet.

  2. “Free content will be available to subscribers.”

    let me guess- theres a subscription entitlement fee.

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