The Movie Blog Uncut Podcast – Special Guest Kellvin Chavez Of Latino Reviews

Hey there folks. We’re back with another installment of The Movie Blog Uncut podcast. Today I’m not only joined by Soul Video and Chuck Norris, but also by my friend Kellvin Chavez of LatinoReviews.Com. Whheeeee.

Together we discuss:

1) Transformers extra footage in Imax. Good idea or bad idea?

2) Spider-Man 4 Casting

3) Monsters Inc. 2 (why instead of Incredibles or Nemo?)

4) The Hangover

5) Land of the Lost

All this an a few things more.

You can listen to or download this episode here

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25 thoughts on “The Movie Blog Uncut Podcast – Special Guest Kellvin Chavez Of Latino Reviews

  1. As soon as I heard Will Ferrell was involved with LOTL all interest in seeing this was alos lost. No marketing promos were needed.

    To bad too. The original concept is interesting enough to warrant a straight on movie adaptation. Something that is highly unlikely to happen now.

    Ultimate dream – Pixar doing an adaptation of this movie. Sigh.

  2. Hey John,

    I love that you’re getting back to the Audio Editions!

    One criticism: Do you take a brief listen to the podcasts before you post them? Because the music and the begining is louder than your voice, I could barely hear you.

  3. 1) I honestly couldn’t care either way. I’m going to see it in IMAX for one reason, and that is the fact that I have never seen a movie in IMAX before. (I almost saw The Dark Knight in IMAX though, damn the fact that I didn’t.)
    2) I used to hate Spider-Man 3, but after watching it again a couple of months ago, I think it’s one of those movies that grows on you. I still won’t buy the DVD at full price, I’ll wait for bargain bin, but I’ll disagree with John, I think that Dunst was perfect in this role.
    3)Personally, I would love to see A Bug’s Life 2. I thought that, prior to seeing Up, was Pixar’s best movie, and I thought that the characters were well-written enough to get a sequel. But Cars 2 and Monsters Inc. 2 sound good as well.
    4) Still haven’t seen it, but now with this good word-of-mouth, I’ll definitely see it.
    5) I have a ten-year-old soon-to-be little stepsister. I’ll probably end up watching this either in the theater or on DVD.

  4. It wont work for me. I downloaded it, and everytime I open it, my program says it encountered an error and wont work….

  5. I thought it was funny when John said that going back to Boo’s room “opened the door” for a Monster’s INC sequel.

  6. I used to check Latino Review all the time since they usually have good information, but I got tired of all the racist and homophobic comments they would inject into their news stories. A homophobic write up of the movie milk is what finally got me to ditch that site.

  7. I check Latino Review all the time, I’m still shocked they get all those scripts, but I always read the reviews. Btw John, Bay lies ALL the time, I want these extra scenes, but I wouldn’t trust him. But anyway besides that, I agree with Kelvin, and I think they should be available in both. The studios wants more $$$$$ off this. So just in IMAX? Screw that man, screw that. Available in both please!!

    John, personally I have no problem with Dunst returning. I don’t like when franchises changes actors, it’s just….odd. Chuck, yes Spidy 4 will SUCK. Her character has run out, and Raimi has definitely lost his creative touch for Spider-Man.

    The Hangover is the third best film of the year for me, I have only given 2 other films a 9- Watchmen and UP. It made me laugh SOOO hard. They didn’t spoil a whole lot of laughs, but the baby part was still funny man. The crowbar scene hahaha. STAY FOR THE END CREDITS PEOPLE, those are very funny but graphic lol.

    Not shocked for Land Of The Lost, it LOOKS horrible. Not a sleeper hit for this, Will Ferrel I am getting tired of him.

    Great podcast guys. It’s funny, this morning I was thinking “When are they gonna have another podcast?” Kelvin, it’s great that you joined. Give me your scripts on LR lol!! Anyway great job guys

  8. Re: Dunst in SM-4

    How is it Dunst’s fault that the character keeps getting dangled off a cliff? Dunst does everything the role demands, Blame the writers for all that stuff. Who would be better?

    1. That is pretty much all MJ did in the comics as well. She was always just the damsel in distress. I don’t mind MJ in the films, however they have to stop pretending her character has any depth and deserves any attention in the plot.

  9. 1. Its bullshit that they put those extra scenes to Transformers 2 on IMAX. But yhea what could you do about it.

    2. Kirsten Dunst is a good actrice , i only focus about Peter Parker and the villian + fights. But you have to know , Peter also needs to get laid. Thats were Mary Jane comes for the hand.

    3. Monsters Inc. 2 is going to be a reasonable sequel and will end up with a 7.5/10 and a good box office status. No big deal , just another sequel.

    4. Best comedy of the year. The movie has a good joke after joke, even de flaws are funny.

    5. After my earlyer comments i would just say its a good episode for a National Geographic program with a big budget. It will be a flop and Ferrell will learn his lesson, keep it on Anchorman or Frat Pack movies.

    Overall the news sucks for the past days, away from The Hangover.

  10. The scenes that are filmed in IMAX aren’t going to be missing from the regular screenings. What Bay meant was that there are some extended scenes that only the IMAX prints are getting.

    1. And the extended scenes will be shitty and have no bearing whatsoever on the plot. If you watch the original cut of Transformers 1 and then watch the IMAX cut of Transformers 1 that also had extra footage, you would NOT know the difference.

      The extra scenes in Transformers 1 IMAX were ALL dialogue scenes and did not affect the plot at ALL.

    2. I am in complete agreement here with Kristina. It even makes some sense. They can’t include valuable plot content in the IMAX version that other people can’t get. It would be like giving non IMAX theatres a book with occasional paragraphs sharpied out.

  11. Soul Video speaks the truth!

    Extra Transformers IMAX scenes will be that of “hilarious” human scenes, only with shaky cam included.

    Monsters Inc and (especially) Cars, are merchandising juggernauts, compared to other Pixar films. And Pixar must now please their Disney masters.

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