Star Wars Live Action TV Series Coming Soon

Talk about the Live Action Star Wars TV Show have been floating around since Revenge of the Sith came out. But every time we hear about it, it disappears like Jar Jar’s self respect and we are left in the dark wondering if they canned the idea. But apparently people are auditioning for it, so it might be closer than we think!

Screen Rant says:

Lucas and a group of writers started writing scripts for the 100 episode series way back in 2007, but now comes the first news that casting for the series is underway.

MTV spoke with Star Wars bit part actress Rose Byrne at the Knowing press junket and she said: “A lot of my friends have been auditioning for it”

While it’s not an awful lot to go on it does look that Lucas will once again unleash the force once more.

This is the milking I have been waiting for. The animated series is decent, the collected Clone Wars shorts were great, and I don’t have the massive hate on for the prequel series that seems to be so trendy as of late. I love Star Wars even in spite of its flaws. But this proposed live action TV show is really what would appeal to me most.

See to me, Star Wars has been more about the Universe of Star Wars, not the characters. I don’t find the movie to be about any one character. Its about a whole story. Therein lies its genius. There is no “star” in the Star Wars movies. Its about everyone involved. Everyone is the star.

And this will be the driving appeal of a Star Wars TV show for me. Rumours have it that this show will take place in about the decade before Star Wars IV: A New Hope. It will take place in an exciting and dark time where the clone wars are over, the Empire rules the galaxy with shreds of the republic still struggling for influence, and a fledgling Rebellion is beginning.

This is also going to introduce new characters to the mythos that with any luck we will fall in love with. It has been rumoured that the show will NOT be the story of a Young Han Solo, or any other characters we may have seen before. There is a very good chance we will see cameos and hear bits that pay tribute to the history we already know, but this will be a story of a group of people just struggling to get by IN the universe of Star Wars.

To be in the Star Wars Universe, but not having a story that revolves around the iconic characters would be a fresh new approach that can play to the strength and charm of nostalgia without threatening to alter years of perception.

If the rumours ring true, I will be eagerly waiting for this to come out!

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