8 Bit Minutemen Game on Watchmen Website

I look affectionately at my BluRay playing mediacenter Playstation 3 in deep amazement now once I had the chance to play the 8 bit video game for the Minutemen on a promotional site for Watchmen. To imagine that this used to be the standard and we were amazed by it!

Set in a nostalgic retro diner, the website displays an old arcade console with the 8 bit glory days flashing across the screen.

Lation Review says:

Located at Minutemen Arcade just click on the arcade machine that’s on the right, then click again to Insert Coins.

Choose between Nite owl or Silk Spectre I and fight your way through this short but fun little adventure. Gameplay is simple with Punch, Kick and Jump buttons, although I don’t think I ever used the jump button once.

Once you are finished with this 8 bit wonder of nostalgic pie you are rewarded with an HD playing of the trailer that is nothing new, but its fun and simple to play.

The movie revolves around looking to the past and considering the future, as well as the fame that the original Minutemen had and the Watchmen now face. The epitome of fame has always been hallmarked with merchandising. The dusty old arcade game in the corner of the coffee shop captures that nicely.

Play the Minutemen game at Minutemen Arcade.

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