Inglorious Basterds gets a Release Date

Yahoo says we have a North American release date for Inglorious Basterds. August 21.

Until now, this site has been properly spelling Bastards, but it seems that Tarantino is deliberately spelling it wrong. Yahoo has some insight as to why:

The film was inspired by the 1978 World War II movie “Quel maledetto treno blindato,” also called “The Inglorious Bastards,” from Italian director Enzo Castellari.

The August 21 release date of “Inglourious Basterds” is for the U.S. and Canada, and dates remain undetermined for its international release, said The Weinstein Company and Universal Pictures, which are jointly presenting the film.

Ive been luke warm on Tarantino for a while, but with some good buzz and casting I am at least keeping this on my radar.

I don’t automatically think this is going to be a hit just because it has Tarantino behind the wheel. He breaks the rules and takes some risks, which I admire him for, but they don’t always hit the mark.

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10 thoughts on “Inglorious Basterds gets a Release Date

  1. I dont doubt that it may be good, but its not the 80s hero revival film I expected, because there was rumour of Stallone being cast in this a while back.

  2. @Party Marty, how do you know this wont be exactly what you hoped it would be like? Have you seen the film yet? no.

    I look forward to seeing Dolph and Sly officially pass the torch to Statham, but that doesnt mean that movie will be any better or worse. We dont know yet.

  3. Tarantino never left. The Kill Bill films are two of the best films of the last decade. He had a small hand in Sin City and Death Proof has one of Kurt Russell’s best performances + a 2 great car chases.

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