Batman gets Pwnd

Batman is the master of 9 martial arts, a chemist, a biologist and the World’s Greatest Detective. Dedicating yourself to so many fields you could just imagine how many other skills fell to the wayside.

With the release of DC Vs Mortal Kombat, it is no surprise Bats would want to play. Check out the video of Batman playing with himself:

I also hear he cannot knit, and though Alfred explained it a number of times he still doesn’t get Backgammon.

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17 thoughts on “Batman gets Pwnd

  1. This blog keeps ridicule Batman in every opportunity. First the animated clip with Superman, now this.
    And with all due respect I have to say… right on!

    Batman was my favorite super for a long time, but since Nolan’s Batman first arrived at the scene I just learned to hate him. So keep up the good work, post more anti Batman videos.

    1. That’s interesting. Everybody that I know seems to love the new movies. I guess you like a more campy kind of batman. I like all of them exept George Clooney ;P

    2. All previous Batman incarnations are not all campy. The only campy one is Clooney, the others are not that simple.

      To clear my opinion, the perfect Batman for me is the Batman from the long run animated series, and he is certainly not campy, not even a little. Capish?

    3. necrosoman


      neither john or rodney hate batman (sorry for speaking for you guys, but it was such a stupid statement i had to act)

      its just that he was so serious in the movie its funny seeing him doing silly shit…if they made videos of spiderman doing this it wouldnt be as funny because spiderman is already funny…or hancock…but batmans serious…its funnier to see obama eat shit then a dog eat shit…get it?!

      EVERYONE loves batman
      but mr singer, my american government teacher

    4. You should read my post again – I never made any statement about anyone else’s opinions, only mine.

      But I have to surrender now, before things will get any worse in this battle I will not be able to win – I give up, you are right and I am wrong. Everyone loves Batman, he is the best.

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