Van Damme Doing Bloodsport 2

If there was a hall of fame for all time great “guy” movies, then somewhere on the top floor there would have to be a spot reserved for Bloodsport. No, not any of the bastard Jean-Claude Van Damme-less sequels that crawled around… but the original masterpiece (yes… I said masterpiece) filled with splits, spinning back kicks, bandanna wielding bad asses and the biggest pecks I’ve ever seen on an Asian dude in my life (Bolo Yeung).

The mighty Jean-Claude Van Damme seems to be enjoying something of a resurgence with the success of JCVD… and with the success of films like Rocky and Rambo for Stallone it makes sense that Van Damme would want to go back to that which made him a star in the first place. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Jean-Claude Van Damme has announced that he is making a TRUE Bloodsport 2.

The folks over at TotalFilm give us this:

“You know, like, we’re gonna do Bloodsport 2,” he told us in a recent interview. “Which was my first movie. And I want to do it now in a very mature way, where the guy from Bloodsport is a complete bum, maybe abusing his son.”

“They told me, ‘No, no, no! You cannot make a movie in America where a father is abusing his son physically! It’s wrong.” “And you cannot be a guy on drugs doing karate and shit like that.’ I said, ’Why? Why? Tell me why.’ “It’s against the rules of success. But I believe the other rules of success. To show something real.”

I don’t know how I feel about Frank suddenly being a child abuser… but maybe it has something to do with the story he has in mind… I’ll give the mighty JCVD the benefit of the doubt for now.

International friend I cry tears of joy at the thought of a true Bloodsport 2. Ahhhh… so many memories. What is your reaction? Great? Who Cares? (Thanks to Henrik for the heads up)

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39 thoughts on “Van Damme Doing Bloodsport 2

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  2. The movie bloodsport was great. The music was greater. Not just because Fight to surive was kick ass, but all the music that was made by Hertzog in this film was full of emotions. Powerfull connections u could feel by watching each fighter fight with diffrent styles. Mui tau. din mak big Biker dude? lol i rest my case

  3. Anybody who say’s bloodsport was Van Damns only good movie, may as well say First blood was stallone’s only good movie. Time Cop and Hard Target are awesome period.

    With that out of the way Kumite could be a good flick. A note on Universal Soldier the beginning I’m not expecting much because it has a terrible director (Simon Fellows).

    Remember the film Second In Command, yeah he directed the worst film in Van Damn’s career so I don’t know why Van Damn went back to him.

    Oh and thumbs up for J.C.V.D

  4. Bloodsport 2 has potential to be one of the greatest movies of all time. While JCVD is almost 50, being a bad ass is not something that fades. With the right combination of spinning roundhouse kicks, an over sized protagonist, and a hot broad, this movie has Oscar written all over it. has payed tribute to JCVD and I wonder what they have to say about this new potential classic. WTFWJCVDD? He’d make a Bloodsport 2!

  5. Bloodsport 2 has potential, but I doubt it can be pulled off. I’ll still go see it though. I saw that site when I was doing a search on Van Damme which brought me to this site. It’s pretty funny…

    1. Hertzog made bloodsport, the music added some powerfull feel to the fighting styles. i get chills thinking of the music in bloodsport. All the characters in bloodsport had a diffrent key note from the synthsizer. This made this unique… Best music not the best movie!

  6. @eric: “born in ‘88 so never saw bloodsport.”

    Your movie knowledge must be pretty restricted if you’ve only seen movies from after you were born.


    A few months ago JC was planning to have a Bloodsport remake, now I hear from a sequel. I just hope that one day JC finds himself A REAL DIRECTOR and not one of those asian junk-directors.

  7. I remember watching that movie when in was a kid at a friends house in a betamax. We player to fight and sing the cumite song
    By the way, I’m mexican witch means he’s universally cool

  8. my favorite van damme movie is timecop–it would be great if he and dolph lungrum did a movie together-theyre both still handsome and have lots of fans

  9. Nice to see you liked the article John ;)
    Im really looking forward to this. Not only is Bloodsport my favorite Van Damme movie, but also one of my favorite movies of all time. This movie made me the man i am today!

    1. Must be a really weak man because that movie and the rest of Van Damme’s flicks sucked. The best thing about Bloodsport was watching the Japanese dude beat the shit outa JCVD. He needs an acting sensei to do the same thing. Jean Claude has always been weak sauce. I think I might watch a Dolph Lundgren movie before a Jean Claude film…..ok that was a lie but they are surely in the same boat!!!!

  10. JCVD was a quality film. It surpassed my expectations by leaps and bounds. Who knows? Maybe if he does the film overseas with different writers and produces and stays in his old stomping grounds, he can bring back his career with more than just a movie. In JCVD he honestly showed some acting chops and proof that he’s capable of doing something decent.

  11. Damn….what classic iconic movies from the 80’s and 90’s isn’t getting a sequel or reboot.

    Well, it will be cool to see, but I have a slight doubt it will bring back the same greatness the original had.

    People will just see it because it’s a sequel to an 80’s classic.

  12. Interesting things. First movie I remember JCVD in was the villainous character of No Retreat, No Surrender. In doing some research to date that movie, found some other info that is kind of amusing. He was the original Predator, but soon after starting shooting he dropped the project because his name would of gone pretty much unknown as just a special effect, so the Predator was redesigned into what we now have seen in the movies. And in 1984 he was in a movie where he played a gay karate guy in a movie called Monaco Forever, going to have to see if I can find that one. Always fun to learn things I never new while looking up something. By the way, his small role in No Retreat, No Surrender was 1986, two years prior to Blood Sport. Blood Sport was definitely the movie to put him on the map though, maybe a sequel could get him back on it again. Probably not, but worth an effort!

    1. I think thats an awsome idea. GSP in the new Blood Sport movie, or any other martial arts movie would be really cool. Its about time they came up with a sequel to the first. I just hope they dont stray to far from the original spirit of the movie. I would hate for it to turn into some touchy feely father son relationship movie with just a little karate thrown in.

  13. got this was a awesome movie for its time …but there was so many flaws in it… and know those where not ment to be intentional humor spots…..thats just how they cam across…jeff speakman is a hack….so is van damme…..lets be honest this is the guy who said he would kick any ones ass….yet that same year he got his shit smashed for talking shit to a bouncer….i never feel sorry for complete assclown jerks who hit rock bottom and then make a comeback when they lose all there friends.

  14. Of course, the real life Frank Dux is a controversial figure, whose exploits (which are in question) were the inspiration for ‘Bloodsport’. So I wonder if the is more of a reflection on the real life Dux and not the questionable adventures of.

    I always considered “Lionheart” to be a loose remake of ‘Bloodsport’- instead of two Army Intel guys chasing down our hero its two French Foreign Legion dudes; underground full contact fights, and JCVD faces a mammoth bulked 6’7 dude.

    AND yes, I, too, consider “Bloodsport’ something of a hidden gem. The humor was intentional, a bad guy to hiss at, good fight cheorgraphy, an early Forest Whitaker role, shot in Hong Kong, and for a low budget Golan-Globus production…*not* a terrible soundtrack. I never knew why, but That “Fight to survive/Kumite” tune gets me pumped up every time.

    That reminds me. Is Mark DiSalle still producing any martial arts action flicks? He had those few with Va Damme and a small handful with Jeff Speakman…

    I’d much rather, however, have Van Damme do a Hard Target II – but maybe that’s just me. I actually liked that DTV flick Shepherd : Border Patrol he did awhile back. The fight with Scott Adkins was gold.

  15. I may be one of the few guys that loved Bloodsport as a kid but as an adult and a martial artist (for the lack of better word) I really cant watch this movie anymore. However, at the same time there is alot of good things to say about martial arts films from the 80s-90s. Now to say that Van Damme wants to do a sequel to an 80s martial arts movie with his image thats only known to the general public as a joke. This movie better have the best kick ass trailer.

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