47 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Superbowl Commercial

  1. Man i still remember watching munmmy returns movie, it wasn’t as cool as the first one, “then” Van Helsing came out, i was so eager to see it when i saw the trailer, it looks soooo cool, crap! that was a horrible movie. Hope i don’t get disappointed with G.I Joe, it does look cool though, then again so was Van Helsing :(

  2. I don’t think the trailer looked very good and did nothing to tell me this movie isn’t going to be the utter shit most of us are assuming. At this moment Snake Eyes is the only good thing about this flick.

  3. I watched the Superbowl from start to finish.

    I remember Fast & Furious (should have never shown Vin escape the bus!)…I remember the Jack Black comedy, the animated films , the two also mentioned in other posts, and the …oh, the Jason Statham one was for Audi, not Crank 2, so it doesn’t count…

    But I didn’t see the GI Joe commercial. There were a few local commercials, such as for Kogel’s sausages…I wonder if someone traded up the Baroness for Smoky Links…


    1. They showed it between 6:00 and 6:28, which is why I guess it wasn’t officially considered a Super Bowl commercial (doesn’t show up on Hulu.com’s list of commercials to vote on)

  4. Don’t get me wrong, I hope it’s great corny fun (about all I can hope for). G.I.Joe was always going to be a hard film to sell. I just think the film needs to set itself apart from ‘Team America’.

  5. That trailer definately upped my anticipation which was at about 2-3 on a scale of 10 to about a 5-6. Job well done as far as teasers go. The last exchange between Hawk and Destro was good.

  6. I love the trailer. The movie will simply be fun, anyone who wants more will be disappointed and rightly so.

    And beech…shut up dude! This isn’t a forum to discuss your feelings about anything other than movies dumbass. You got a problem with anything else, then get your own damn blog and say it there!

  7. Once the full trailer arrives, I’m anticipating about 50 Youtube remakes set to “America, Fuck Yeah”.

    I mean, they actually have the Effiel Tower falling over like a lampost just like in ‘Team America’. Couldn’t you have picked a different landmark?

  8. If you loved G.I.Joe as a kid, watched all the cartoons and saved every penny of allowance & paper route money to buy action figures, how can you not love this. Who cares if the movie is “bad” as long as it’s so bad that it’s good!

  9. holy shit – transformers 2 teaser trailer is up on you tube and looks fucking awesome.

    oh and I can wait to see johns piece about kung fu panda kicking wall e’s butt at the annie awards…

  10. I was never a big fan of the cartoon(maebe the only one of my friends who wasn’t) you needed to have one of those big ass satellite dishes to see it, before there was cable service in town. Good times

  11. ya to be honest i have seen so much bad cgi’s in other films that are accepted by the masses….so to me if they can get the action down (which looks good so far to me ) then i will see this and have happy reminiscences of past days….YO JOE!

  12. Hopefully the movie will have the two famous phrases. “Yo! Joe! and Knowing Is Half the Battle” It wouldn’t be GI Joe if you didn’t had those lines somewhere. :)

    1. eh? Im not a fan, but im looking forward…and of course the Eiffel tower is not likely to fall…but just like I am legend it wasnt likely either! BUT I BET YOU WATCHED IT! =D

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