42 thoughts on “Steven Spielberg And George Lucas Rape Indiana Jones

  1. I praise Matt and Trey for doing this. I hope Spielberg and Lucas somehow see this episode. Why did Spielberg have to involve aliens in an Indiana Jones movie?? It confounds me… Out of all the holy artifacts they could have picked they go with aliens that will kill you if you do what they wish (aka: returning the skull).

  2. That was funny at first, but then it just got disturbing. Is their point of this? Usually these creators have a message to their fans. I guess this episode they don’t like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas what have done their movies plus second time made funny them.

  3. the episode was cool in an OMG! HOLY FUCK they didn’t just do that! way, but it really wasn’t all that funny. i mean yeah lucas/spielberg suck, the chinese are taking over the world. whatever. can we get back to the funny parodies and social commentary?

  4. John…thanks for the response…i was aware of the reference to “Deliverance” and “The Accused”…i was just trying to make a point of just how liberal one can get when paroding a public figure. I am not going to judge on the merits of “good” or “evil”….it is what it is and i am sure that P/S ran this by their legal team prior to release, just in case…

  5. Arguably, one of the most disturbing episode in South Park’s 12 year history. Coincidentially, and unfortunately, also one of the more humorless episodes as well. The brillance of Stone and Parker is in their interpretation of “riding the envelope” in regards to establishing a point. Without a doubt, Spielberg and Lucas are not pleased. To be depicted as cartoon characters committing a felony (rape) certainly should stir up their day. The fine line walked by S/P is in the understanding of what constitutes parody. Certainly we know that the INTENT was to show how Lucas and Spielberg have stripped (raped) any flavor off of their origional movies, (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, etc) by not only offering inferior sequels, but also in going back and tinkering with the origionals. Almost to a person here (and thank God for the intelligence shown in the posts) it is clear that the “rape” scenes are metaphors for Lucas’s and Spielberg’s aforementioned actions. In terms of libel or defamation of character issues, both Lucas and Spielberg are considered legally, public figures and as such must prove that the depiction of their actions as rapists were made with actual malice or in reckless disregard to its truth. Since P/S were depicting the rapes as a allegory or opinion and not as an actual indictment or fact of their character, it falls under the umbrella of parody and as such is protected by Lucas’s and Speilberg’s status as public figures…this is the brilliance of Parker and Stone…

  6. Nobody commented on how poor Butters was, once again, made a dupe by Cartman. I really feel for this poor kid. First his mother tries to murder him. Gets accused of being bi-curious. Then he saves all of our imaginations and what thanks does he get? He gets grounded by his abusive parents. Good grief where is the justice for this good hearted soul?

  7. I don’t find it funny.
    Not because of the reference. But that was far too graphic and real. Not something I can really laugh at.

    But if you guys find rape funny then I guess whatever…

  8. I think this blog has said it perfectly in the past; when South Park is good it’s really, really good. And when it’s bad it kind of sucks.

    I didn’t really dig this piece, mostly because it was so true. I will never forgive Lucas for Shia LeBouf and his ability to swing through the trees with a bunch of monkeys. There is over the top and then there is Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

  9. Saw the episode last night, and they sure managed to stretch that single joke out over a long time. Over and over. Boy, that was some joke there in that episode.

    Okay, they didn’t like the movie. Did they have to make a show about it? I remember when South Park used to be a lot funnier, and it still is sometimes when they manage to get out of their own way. Where’s the episode where they shoehorn assrape into the plot to say that one?

  10. OMG that was hilarious. The Accused spoof and the Deliverance spoof were perfect. For the people who find this disturbing, THAT’S THE POINT! Trey and Matt were shedding light on the over-reaction of Indy fans after the release of the new film whilst also exposing the ridiculousness of the film itself at the same time. Kudos to South Park.

  11. “yes, they were ripping on the new Indiana Jones movie but they were just the same making fun of all the Indy fans that whined and cried about it (thus the crying over and over again in the movie)?”

    I find that last part a bit hard to believe. Matt and Trey have never been subtle when it comes to things they don’t like. The push it to the forefront and pound you over the head with it just to make sure you know.

  12. “I mean, it’s hilarious, but really it’s overreacting in the extreme degree.”

    Do you all really not understand the fact that, yes, they were ripping on the new Indiana Jones movie but they were just the same making fun of all the Indy fans that whined and cried about it (thus the crying over and over again in the movie)?

  13. I enjoyed the movie and South Park has their right (And TV show to get things across), but honestly I think people are now just hating Lucas because it seems like the popular thing to do now a days.

  14. I thought the movie was ok, but that being said…this shit was hilarious, especially considering they already did the spielberg-lucas thing once before. This just took it to another,more offensive, hilarious level!

  15. I agreed with Butters- I really liked the movie.

    I mean, it’s hilarious, but really it’s overreacting in the extreme degree. Aliens in an Indy film are fine, especially if it makes sense with the archeaology(aliens are very prominent in crystal skull legends), and if it fits the time (1950s, communists). I mean, Indy is 60. The Nazis are gone. Just deal with it.

  16. Wow! I was warned about this and words could not describe it. That was disturbing.

    They predicted this back in 2002 when they made fun of them for changing E.T.

  17. The perfect blend of high-brow and low-brow. If Palin can be president material, so can Trey Parker and Matt Stone. VIVA LA RESISTANCE!

    This was brilliant and once again, South Park continues to relate to my thought-processes.

  18. chris bunker
    which i MISSED but theres an encore tonight so im watching it

    thank you chris

    i love peoples reactions lol^^^^^^hazmat likes disturbing gory and sick…south park is awsome
    hope the new season delivers like all the last ones

  19. HAHAHAHAH!!! OMG!!!

    ive seen every south park episode EVER MADE and ive never seen that!!!
    what episode was this on!?!?!?!?

    HAHAHA!!! DOUG!!

    this shit was histerical!!
    as soon as the video started i was like “oh they should have raped star wars!” but then at the end i was like “thank you!’ LMAO


    i love the sound the suit makes at the end

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