Eva Longoria As Wasp?

Longoria Avengers2

The above picture has swung wide the doors of fury and speculation! We are made aware of this image and get the following scoop from our friends at IESB:

A can of worms was opened up this weekend when Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria was shot exiting the Marvel offices in Beverly Hills with a stack of comic books in hand, one of them happened to be THE AVENGERS.

Now, said can was opened today by the LA TIMES who gave this happen-stantial, if that’s a word, photograph some legs by saying she’d be good for WASP in the 2011 AVENGERS film Marvel has planned. The LA Times blogger goes on to talk about Wasp and her characteristics etc, just lending more and more gossip fodder to the fire.

I really hope she stole those comic books.

I am not opposed to Wasp being in the film, but Eva Longoria Parker is not the lady to play that role. She may be fine on desperate housewives, and could have a very successful career as a daytime soap star, but stay away from the world of film. (Unless the film ends in orno.)

Stephanie Sanchez is right to point out that everyone may fly off the handle for no good reason. There is still a few years between us and the Avengers film, so this could be forgotten in time. Today however, it is certainly off-putting.

People have been excited at Marvel’s 2 for 2 success this summer right out of the gate; and the hope is that this trend will continue. We have been giving them the benefit of the doubt, but I fear this picture may have melted off some of their street cred. Like it or not, you are judged by the company you keep.

Even if Eva was being considered for this role, I am confident that fan reaction should nix this decision.

International friends – what is your thoughts?

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38 thoughts on “Eva Longoria As Wasp?

  1. Vote here! Seriously people not everyone seriously remembers superheroes (especially Ironman till released) and Eva has already become household material. I’d think one actress should should only play about one comic hero not two so sorry Halle Berry.

  2. i really feel Eva longoria sa a wasp woman! dude lets give eva a time to shine, im telling you, she can act! she has a lot to offer to us! stop vexing her!

  3. I believe Wasp is an Asian-American, at least in Ultimate Universe….. But anyway, anything in this early stages of development, it still anybody game.
    BTW, for me, she as Wasp isn’t a bad choice either, who knows, maybe she can hit that role perfectly.

  4. For most part Marvel does a horrible job of picking characters I think. Well until recently (last 7 years) most hero roles were always miscast, cheezy movies with zero imagination. Both Marvel and DC have both stepped up there games on scripts and budget, but they really need to consider as everyone here laments…. The right actor for the role, instead of star power or who is hot.

    There isn’t a single character I think Longoria would be right for, but thats just my opinion.

  5. @ robert

    wow…that was so perfect….
    i also didnt think those characters where picked right AND ALL OF YOU DISAGREED WITH ME!!!

    “oh no but ben aflec was a good daredevil…hey that black guy was the perfect kingpin…thomas jane is the perfect punisher…”

    im surprised you didnt mention nick cage as john blaze though

  6. In response to P-MAN:

    Emil Blonsky is a russian too… that didn’t stop MARVEL from casting Tim Roth to play the role. I personally would have cast Oleg Taktarov (the ex-UFC MMA fighter that has crossed over into acting) for the role. I think he would have been perfect for it. Yes, (I’m openning up to get my ass pounced all over here) better than Tim Roth… not that Tim Roth was bad, he was very good actually. I just think that Oleg would have been better.

    My point is that MARVEL has a track record for not taking into consideration the perfect person for a role… (ie. Daredevil, King Pin, Venom, Storm, Rogue, Juggernaut, any of the Fantastic Four characters, Dr. Doom, even Frank Castle has never been cast as an Italian American… this list goes on for eternity). So don’t think that the company wouldn’t do something like casting her as Black Widow. That just is giving the company far too much credit.

  7. I didn’t know that Beckinsale decided to stop doing action movies. That’s what made her famous! I can understand wanting to branch out but she’s already done that! She would be sweet as Black Widow.

    Anyway, I don’t care for Eva Longoria, she’s a horrible actress and she’s like 5′ nothing. I don’t t think she would work as a superhero. I would prefer that they cast someone who could really own the role.

    Beckinsale in interviews has expressed that she will no longer do Female Action Hero roles. She even turned down Underworld 3 which really put her on the map! After she declared that statement, I really took a disliking for Kate, just turning her back on her fans like that! No point in throwing her name out there when she would refuse it anyhow! Just in case you dont know Rhona Mitra will be starring in Underworld 3.

    Actually, I would like to see Rhona Mitra as the Black Widow. She is a little more curvy than Beckinsale anyhow and she could also fake the accent. Rhona was the very first Tomb Raider girl you know? She has really done it all.

  9. She’s ok, I have no problems with her taking on any female super-hero role. And hey, she just might be a fan of comics or doing a favour for a friend. We really have no idea yet why she would be at Marvel, I wouldn’t count chickens until they are actually hatched… so to speak…

  10. uuuuuh…okay it’s a photograph… chill out. you guys are opperrating like the tabloids. you have no idea what this means. the day you see her in a Marvel character outfit is the day it would make sense for you to begin this nonsense.

  11. back in the day i used to love me some PIM SLAPPIN!

    but personally i dont see the problem with her as the wasp i mean lets be real ..half the people who go see these films dont no the lore…but they no longoria….and she is hot and would make a great looking wasp….plus how many lines u think wasp would have over the rest of the crew….not much just there for eye candy.

  12. That is a copy of The New Avengers she’s holding. The Wasp isn’t part of that group. After the all the screaming about Will Smith not being able to play Captain America, because he’s black. I thought for sure someone would bring up the fact that the Wasp is white and Eva is Mexican.

    And hell to the no on her playing the Black Widow! The Widow being an ex-Russian spy is too much of the character’s history to change.

  13. DARREN

    haha! tigra! youre right!

    the only reason why i like that idea is because shes a west coast avenger and…moonknights a west coast avenger so i would get to see him…lol but that will never happen no matter how bad we want it..ooohh and wed get to see kang!

  14. First of all, why The Avengers, people? You would think she’d actually be part of the Ant-Man(Pym) film first, and help getting that film rolling. I would not be opposed to the Desperate Housewife being in the part, just so long as the character isn’t written or acted like a nagging spoiled berating little bitch like Sue Storm in the FF films.

    If Hilary Swank or Milla Jovovich walked out of Marvel with comic book swag, THEN I’d say “ Black Widow for sure! Come to think of it, Swank could pass for Van Dyne as well.

    BTW, Longoria makes a better Tigra.

  15. I agree with Meli, Halle Barry killed two Characters in comic book movies, do we really want a repeat? I always consider Halle Berry the double threat, not only did she destroy the Storm character in X-Men she totally obliterated the Catwoman character. Now that is what I call a double threat!

    Eva as Janet Van Dyne, I say no way to this vicious rumor! I do prey its a rumor that is!

  16. Guys just because she’s pretty doesn’t mean she would be good in a role. The woman cannot fucking act! Keep her out of the Marvel universe! She can do all the crappy RomComs she wants but this fangirl would be pissed to see her in the Avengers movie. It’d be Halle Barry as Storm all over again…actually worse…Halle at least is a little better than Eva.

  17. I think she went to Marvel’s offices and asked if there’s any roles in any of their comics she could play, and they handed her a stack and showed her the door.

    Buh Bye.

  18. ^^^That was my first reaction, too. I really have no opinion on her being one of the lesser Avengers, I’m just thrilled that there’s (apparent) movement on this project.

  19. i actually think Audrey Marie Anderson from TV’s the unit would be an awesome choice for the wasp.

    but i seriously think the casting people for the “avengers” movie should take a que from the ultimates comic book and consider the people they picked as who should play cap/wasp/hulk

  20. Also, since S.H.I.E.L.D. is involved why isn’t anyone asking if they are considering her for the role of Black Widow? I would see this option as being a more likely role for Eva Longoria personally.

  21. You know what? I actually like this.
    I can definitely picture Eva as The Wasp. She is hot and looks kind of high-maintenance which I always pictured Janet van Dyne to be.
    She also has the tendency to over-act a bit which could work in a superhero movie and she’s great at playing bitchy characters.

    She would also look good in various high-end fashion superhero costumes, which also was a big thing about the Wasp.
    She’s a superheroine who gets a kick out of fashion and designing her own variety of outfits! So why not get someone who I could see doing that even in real life?

    I may get stoned in this talkback, but I like the idea.

  22. What if she just likes reading comics. I mean none of the characters on the cover of that Avengers book are characters that are suppose to be involved in the movie. No Iron Man. No Hulk. No Captain America. No Thor. I see Back in Black Spidey, Wolverine, and Dr. Strange, also, I think that’s Iron Fist under the card. This image doesn’t worry me at all. I think this is pure speculation and can only be taken with little to zero cause for alarm.

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