11 thoughts on “Transformers 2 Set Explosion Video

  1. transformers was my favorite movie of all time till dark knight. but that explosion hyped number 2 up more for me, and lol at the beginning of the vid “oh sh*t!” lol

  2. hated bay before transformers? well, i thought that bad boys 1&2 have some of THE best action, he really is awesome in action movies. the freeway chase scene in BB2 alone is incredible.

  3. um before this every one hated bay…now they bow….meh i mean this shit was set to be great just with the voice of prrime not that hard to get right…and he did yay but meh

  4. oh man, t2 is so easily the most anticipated movie of the century.
    sure, it won’t be as great as dark knight and co (obviously), but it’s gonna be so fucking awesome (in another direction). so fuckin can’t wait.
    bay is the only one out there who knows what great action is and how to film it. (as great as dark knight etc. was, the action was boring compared to bay quality)

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