The Movie Blog: Uncut – August 28th 2008

Hey there folks! This is your 316th installment of The Movie Blog: Uncut, originally recorded Thursday August 28th 2008. Doug and I are happy to be joined once again by Ashely Oxford. Listen in as we discuss:

1) Does nudity in movies matter anymore?

2) A Batman movie without Nolan?

3) Facebook the movie

4) Vin Diesel as a comic book villain

5) A special announcement

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28 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – August 28th 2008

  1. So, I’m trying to subscribe to this podcast through itunes and no podcasts are showing up. I click on the “subscribe itunes” button above and it takes me to the itunes store in itunes, but no podcast are listed?

  2. WOW! I’m surprised Doug is the only one who GETS the BATMAN VOICE. When Batman is in the suit he unleashes an alter ego; a beast; a mad man. That’s why the voice is there; it is part of the suit, the persona; THE BATMAN. Questioning The Batman voice is like questioning The Joker’s voice. Why does the Joker sound clowny??? Because he’s insane. Batman is insane as well. He’s a guy who dresses up as a BAT for god sakes! “To them, you’re just a freak. Like me.” BATMAN is just as insane as The Joker, but has a dogma; he has rules. THEY’RE BOTH INSANE, and that’s why I love the voice. He can’t sound like a regular Joe in the suit. That would be ridiculous.

  3. Hey John, what’s with half the shows being on the itunes feed, then disappearing off it? I left home with this ep downloading thru itunes, i get back and it’s finished, i go to listen to it and it aint there. even after re-updating the feed, it still aint there. Just letting you know in case you haven’t realised there might be a glitch or something.

  4. Hey John I’m just wondering why the recorded ‘uncut’, gets cut off short? It’s done it a couple of times with other recorded shows in the past, I know more of the show was filmed, right?

  5. Great stuff John. The very best of luck with the film, I’m behind you all the way, even if it gets bad press, I’ll go and see it whatever the weather!

  6. I’m from Ancaster but I’ll be living in Toronto this year for school. If you’re in need of someone with minimal availability and movie-making skills, I’m your woman!

  7. great news John & Doug :)

    wish u guys all the best!!!..glad your coming back to Canada to film it.

    hmmm extras in Hamilton eh? its not to long of a drive from Calgary lol

  8. Once I got a fortune cookie that read “You will make your wife very happy”… I guess straight women don’t eat fortune cookies wherever that one was made.

  9. Has anyone read the rolling story about the guys who created facebook? double crossing backstabbing – could make a great film.

  10. Good luck on the movie, i thought John was about to propose marriage for a few minutes there, you seemed a little nervous :D

  11. Good luck on the film, John.

    I don’t live in south Ontario, but if something comes up that would be worth the trip up from Philadelphia, I’ll be watching.

  12. hey john,

    congrats for having the balls to step up and do your own movie! as i´m planning to move to toronto next year i would join you for some ‘real beer’.

  13. Congrats on the movie plans. I’ll be paying close attention to the new blog, hope all goes well. Any chance of Ashely getting her tits out in ‘the anniversary’? Looks like she holding a pair of aces if you ask me ;-)

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