Paul Ens Talks Red 5 Comics

There is nothing you love more than seeing people you like and respect succeeding at the things they love. Paul Ens (President and Co-Founder of Red 5 Comics) is one of those guys. A comic book fan who I’ve known for more than 10 years who now runs a company that is nominated for major awards and is signing movie deals for their properties. Not a bad job. I caught up with Paul here at Comic Con as he was in the middle of signing autographs and meeting with studios to chat for a minute. The dude is a serious inspiration for any comic/movie fan who dreams of developing their own stuff. Check it out:

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4 thoughts on “Paul Ens Talks Red 5 Comics

  1. Atomic Robo is so damn good! I love Abyss and Neozoic as well. Red 5’s outfit is quite excellent, and i happy to see that they have been really successful.

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