Leonardo DiCaprio for Captain America?

DiCaprio is among the greatest actors of this generation. He has triumphed over the teenage hearthrob typecasting that so many young actors peak at and has brought us a big pile of quality films. Just when I assume he can’t get better, he does.

So when I read that he is considered the top target for the role of Marvel Studios’ Captain America I find myself excited at the prospect.

LatinoReview says:

Well, speaking of CAPTAIN AMERICA, I have myself a trusted source internally over at Marvel and they are now starting to toss names for the role of Steve Rogers.The name at the top of the list? LEONARDO DICAPRIO

Leo is an amazing actor. Mostly because he chooses roles that are RIGHT for him. Now some pros and cons about Leo for Cap.

He has the strong “American look”. And more importantly the blond Hair, Blue eyes so Iconic for Cap.
He can act. No doubts he can bring that strong noble character of Steve Rogers and can keep up with Norton and Downey.
He is a big name. The playing up of the hero roles in Marvel Films suggests they will hit up some big name for these roles. They are not shying away for a “lesser name” anymore.
Leo is 6ft and in great shape.

Leo is only 6ft. People will complain that he isn’t 7 ft tall. 6ft is good. But he isn’t a massive bodybuilder type.
Someone is likely to bark about his German/Italian heritage. But thats dumbness.

I actually would LOVE to see Leo in this role. I am not so stuck on the impossibly large physique that they make Steve Rogers out to have in the comics. I don’t think the character of Captain America will be defined by his chest measurement.

The Captain America outfit might look good in a comicbook but it would be on par with a pro wrestler’s garish getups if you were to see it in real life. Expect to see him in military combat gear that pays tribute to the spandex digs.

So are we going to get hung up on the “too small” or is this just brilliant casting.

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35 thoughts on “Leonardo DiCaprio for Captain America?

  1. DiCaprio would not be THAT bad for the rol of Captain America, but I just can’t imagine Edward Norton following Leonardo DiCaprio’s orders in a future Avengers movie. Leo just doesn’t make you answer ‘sir, yes sir!’ as soon as he says something.

  2. I think Leo would be a decent choice I mean he would really have to sell the character and sorry to say but size is a factor here…. Good old cap is suppose to be a bad ass, buff to the tits mofu … but with a little juice and a few months I think Leo could pull it off…

  3. @Captainamerica777

    I challenge not only your status as a “true fan” and a collector if you would be silly enough to burn a comic book you claim is worth $100,000 just because you don’t like an actor in a movie.

    You are free to disagree with the casting of the movie. No matter who they pick, they wont please everyone. But to willingly destroy a $100,000 comic over it is just stupid.

    Marvel Films has done a great job with most of their franchises already. I have no doubt they will handle Cap fine too.

  4. nonoonononon
    Leo isn’t… blond haired/blue eyed/crew cut/boy scout/clean enough
    he seems too much like a kid still, and his frown is too angry
    Brad Pitt WOULD make a good Cap I think… I don’t think he would make a good Thor. I keep picturing him in Troy with the long hair and don’t see Thor.

  5. Neal McDonough sounds good but he’s getting a little old.

    I think they should probably cast a lesser known actor. As long as it’s NOT Nathan Fillion.

  6. DiCaprio is to “beefy” and not enough “man.” When I picture Captain AmericaCaptain America
    Height: 6’ 2’’
    Weight: 240lbs (109kg)
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blond


    Leonardo DiCaprio is to “beefy” and not enough “man.” When I picture Captain America I see a very “muscular-lean-clean-cut-bad-ass-mans-man.” For any Superhero movie I would like to see a performer who can act and be the superhero that they are portraying. Leonardo DiCaprio would be one of the better actors for the part but not so much on the physique front. I think he’s too short and to “beefy” not lean enough.
    Height: 6’
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blond

    Matthew Mcconaughey has the physique but his acting style lately has been too goofball/ surfer dude/ idiot, BUT John dose have a point with Reign of Fire.
    Height: 6’
    Eyes: Blue (Green)
    Hair: Blond (Dirty Blond)

    Guy Pearce was one of my first choices when the information was leaked that the studios were try for Matthew Mcconaughey for Captain America.
    Height: 5′ 10″
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Brown

    Brad Pitt is pretty decent actor I mean I have seen great performances and I have seen some bad performances. The main reason for having him on this list is the potential reuniting of Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. SIDE NOTE: Fight Club is in my top ten favorite movies. But if Pitt has to or choose to be thrown into the Avengers mix I think he would make a better Thor. I am basing my theory on his portrayal of Achilles in Troy.
    Height: 5′ 11½”
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blond

    But as of recent I thinking the guy from the Punisher, Thomas Jane could be a good candidate. A coworker of mine and I discussed this topic this pass week. He said Captain America needs to be a guy like Will Smith (mainly his physique) but white and with blond hair. Then he mentioned the guy from Punisher who happens to be Thomas Jane. I agree.
    Height: 5′ 10¾”
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blond

  7. First of all I am a avid collector of Cap comic books and have a long history with other cap fans. This being said Leo is the worst cap you can have and if he ever is Cap I will sell my #1 issue first cap america comic woth over $100,000.00 or I will burn it. This is a joke to marvel fans and real Cap fans. Put in Neal McDonough or Steve Burton from General Hospital or have John Malkovich as Red Skull.

  8. ok leo had a great preformance in the departed and in titanic.But he is just not the type of guy to play captain america.first off he is not very big or buffed second he to much of a pretty boy to be captain america if he played captain america the only people who would see the movie would be girls who love leo the fans like me would probably not go see it.But maybe he can surprise all of us and do what heath leadger did with the joker.

  9. I can see this working. If he just bulks up allot for the film and the Advengers movie, and gets the right hair cut. We already know he can pull off being in a period peice film if the Cap movie does take place durring WW2. But can he play a guy from that time period now suddenly living in our time? I think so.

    Sure theres other actors I can think of that would work even better, but still, theres not many that beat out Leo on my list. My biggest problem is that he looks a little too young for ol’ Cap, but it’s still not that big of a deal. I can get past it. Exspeshaly when hes all suited up, mask and all. Beside, his an amazig actor.

    I’m just so glad to hear its not Matthew Mcconaughey thats at the top of Marvel’s list. Infact I wanna think hes not on there at all. I just do not see him as Cap one bit. I mean sure hes blond and has kind of a build, but thats it. He doesn’t even look look Cap. If I see him as Cap with that God awful hillbilly accent of his and those stupid facial expressions he does, I will be so freakin’ pist.

    This whole thing with Leo is kind of funny though from what I saw on TV about a month ago. I remember one night flipping threw the channels and that crappy show TMZ was on. But just as I was going to change it they caught Stan Lee walking down the street. I thought, freakin’ sweet! They asked him who he thought should play the lead in the next big comic book film, or somthing like that.

    And he said Leonardo DiCaprio. I thought that was cool. I just wonder if Captain America was who he had in mind. Stan also said to tell Leo he said that and that Leo would like that it came from him. Which makes me wonder if Leo has met Stan and talked to him some time in the past. Or if Leo is just a big fan of Stan Lee and comics, and some how Stan knows this.

    Any way, after I saw the way Tim Roth fought Hulk in the new movie, I can’t wait to see Cap fighting that way against Nazis. Woot, bring it on! >_<

  10. Hey Rodney

    How about “Josh Holloway” aka “Sawyer” from the LOST series. He does have the personality and looks to be Captain America or Thor. He just have to change his accent to suit more of a new yorker or a godly figure respectively.

    Does any one thing its a bad idea?

  11. i dont think it would be a good idea for dicaprio to go for that role. I think he is making all the right choices with his movies right now and keeping that rep as being one of the greatest actors of this generation and if he keeps doing what he’s doing he can get the oscar glory that he’s already so close to having. take on a superhero and you could be typecast and lose some credibility on being taken seriously after that.
    and personally i dont think he’s a better choice than matthew mcconaughey. i dont think leo has captain america spirit.

  12. Eh…no.


    I dig DeCaprio, okay? I think he’s a terrific actor. He *can* handle action (Blood Diamond comes to mind real fast) but honestly, I think there might be schedule conflicts and/or not being interested in the part. I don’t think he’ll take it…

    And, no, he isn’t right for the part. I don’t like Matthew McConaughey for the part either, but I can see McConaughey before I see DeCaprio.

  13. When I heard the casting of Downy as Iron Man that made total sense to me. Stark, other than through artist rendition, was never a big bulky guy. Downy fit Stark from his own personal life and ability to deliver lines the way Stark does in comics.

    When ever I hear comments like Downy being from left field or DiCaprio as Cap, I often wonder if the people commenting have read the comics and if so, what continuity.

  14. I’m not a fan of DiCaprio, but I love the “I never thought of that” casting.

    Downy Jr. as Iron Man? Ed Norton as Hulk? Both of those were out of left field, and once they were announced made so much sense. As opposed to the Toby McGuire/Spider-man or Patrick Stewart/Professor X casting, which were obvious.

    I’m not a DiCaprio fan, but I think I’d like to see how he works as Cap.

  15. I read that Captain America has a scene in the Hulk but it was cut and will be on the DVD. any word on who that is? could they possibly have someone cast for Steve Rogers than who ever is in the Hulk???

  16. I’m thinking Guy Pearce as well. He used to do bodybuilding, so he can be skinny for the pre-serum section, then big for the post-serum stuff. One of my favorite actors, too.

    Also Neal McDonough.

  17. I’m sorry Leo, i’m just not seeing you as Cap. You can always suprise people but i think if they cast you then there will be a big question mark hanging over this film till opening day about whether you could pull it off.

  18. I hate Pitt and Leo as actors, but you know what? I own most of their movies. That should say a lot about their ability to adapt to a character and play it right. Muscle mass can be added, take Norton in American history X, for example. Leo’s got the chops to pull this off. Plus, once the Avengers movie comes out, I would love to see Norton, Downey, and Leo, all on screen together is some out of costume avenger meeting…

  19. I guess if you take out the whole super solider serum origin, Leo would be fine since he would match Steve Rogers before taking it. Cap isn’t defined by his chest measurements? Ah. What? That is whole the origin. Steve Rogers was to sickly and took part in the super solider experiment that increased his size and strength.

    People have to stop including their man crushes when casting super hero movies and cast according to the character.

  20. I would like to see someone of Leo’s caliber play Captain America but he’s not the right choice IMO.

    Captain America needs certain look and presence and while Leo is a great actor he doesn’t fit this role, Rodney and like you said Leo has made a living by choosing the right roles and this isn’t the role for him.

    Leo might be 6 foot but even with bulking up I don’t think he’s the right body type because I don’t think we need an over sized guy playing Captain America but someone with some but with a natural athletic build and thats something Leo doesn’t bring as we’ve seen him in shape with his shirt off.

  21. His height is fine, but like you said he is the skinny type.

    Then again I always thought Will Smith was skinny but then he managed to bulk it pretty well for his Ali role. Although I don’t think Leo is physically capable of such a physical transformation.

    To be honest, Leo would make a good Peter Parker/Spider-man.

    I guess Leo could be Bucky instead of Cap.

  22. I also feel that leo is wrong for some reason, machonay (or however you spell it) seemed kind of right. I think the reason I cant see a cap america is becuase I have no idea how they will modernize that suit he wore in the comics…atrocious.

  23. If the movie is set during WW2, I think it would be fine. He would then not be in his present day spandex/tight leather outfit–so his physique won’t matter too much.

    I’m still kinda torn though…

  24. This feels wrong for me. He just isn’t the type to play that character.

    After watching Firefly i think that maybe Nathan Fillion may make a great Captain America

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