The Boleyn Inheritance

BolinIt looks like The Other Boleyn Girl will be getting a complimentary film in The Boleyn Inheritance. We get the skinny from our friends at the moviehole:

A sequel to the moderately-successful “The Other Boleyn Girl” is in the works, according to the New York Post. The sequel will be based off of another novel by Philippa Gregory entitled “The Boleyn Inheritance.”

The new movie would be told through the eyes of two of Henry VIII’s wives, Anne of Cleves and Katherine Howard. Its unlikely that Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman would return, though Eric Bana may be coaxed into wearing the crown again.

I enjoyed “The Other Boleyn Girl and would be willing to check out another film adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s work. The idea of telling the story from the perspective of two of Henry’s wives is a cool follow up to the film that focused on his concubines.

Reaction from those that have read The Other Boleyn Girl were mixed. Some enjoyed the film, others hated it. It will be interesting to see if this upcoming project appeals to the readers more or less than the previous incarnation.

Those of you that are fans of Philippa Gregory’s books, if you could please share your thoughts on this news – I would be grateful.

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19 thoughts on “The Boleyn Inheritance

  1. I really hope you all read the books first, this is magnificent stories of European Royal History. Hollywood’s movie versionĀ“s is the opposite of what books tell. They tell so little while the books are alive literature! I a hoping for 3/4 parts of mini-series that will go after the books. And I don’t know if we can call this book a sequal really.

  2. I am a devoted fan to PG, all her books add to one work before you read The Bolyen Inheritance or The Other Boleyn Girl, you must read The Constant Princess later follow up last of all with The Queens Fool. I have to say the movies never do the author justice but it would be so scandelous if there Was her Wideacre Trilogy set to the screen that would be for the showing wonder who could play such roles absolutely juicey

  3. I watched the movie first and thought it not bad. Then I read the book and realised it was not so good after all. To say the movie was based on the book is an insult. Really they are two different versions on the same historical event.

    Would love to see “Hollywoods” interpretation of ‘The Boleyn Inheritance’ and to see if they get it a bit better this time. I understand you can’t fit a book into 2hrs movie time, but surely they could do it a bit more justice.

    Please, if you cast Eric Bana as Henry, he is going to have to put on alot of weight, age a hell of a lot and just a little red tinge thru his hair would make it a bit more believable. Bring back none of the other actors. The only other good performance I believe was from the lady who played Catherine of Aragon.

    And really, you don’t need to amp up the movie when you base it on Henry and his wives, the truth itself is plenty of drama on it’s own.

    1. I personally have to disagree with you. I read the book before I heard it was to be a film, and I thought that quite a few parts were very similar, except the fact they didn’t add in the visit Mary paid to the woman who gave her the vial (I think it was poison, no?) that would kill Anne’s child. Also, making Henry’s hair red and adding on the weight would look odd to say the least – not that they shouldn’t – but it would seem like a Ray Winstone take. I strongly disagree with your opinion of the actress who played Catherine of Aragon; I did not like her portrayal of the Spanish queen at all. I much prefer Assumpta Serna’s portrayal of Catherine: She has a lot more passion with the role, and acted better how it would have been. Especially if you watch the speech, “Let me tell you this. You want me to lie before God, and admit my first marriage was consummated? Well, it was not. You want me to retire, and withdraw my daughter’s claim as sole rightful heir to the throne? Well, I shall not. Not in a thousand years. Not if you rack me within an inch of my life. So, I hope you have the belly for a fight, Anne Boleyn, because I’ll fight you, every inch of the way,” and then watch Ana Torrent’s performance in the smaller speech, “I am Katherine, Queen of England, the King’s one true wife and mother of the heir to the throne. Beloved of the people, and beloved of a King you have bewitched”, you’ll notice how much power goes into the former’s performance.

      But this is only my opinion.

      And I would also love to be part of something like this. It’s always been a dream of mine.

  4. I hope they make a movie out of the Boleyn Inheritance! I’m just over half way through the book and I love, love, love it! The Other Boleyn Girl movie was disappointing but that’s because it was so full of information that couldn’t be stuffed into a 2 hour movies. Maybe it could have been a mini series on TV or something.

  5. I love all of Philippa Gregory’s books especially The Other Boleyn Girl. But I was disappointed in the movie. Not because of the actors performances (personally I think that they did a really good job. I think Natalie Portman did a great job at portraying Anne.) but because the movie didn’t live up to the book. A lot of things were left out that I think definitely should have been included. And a couple things were added that shouldn’t have been. I think that they could have built more on Anne and Henry’s relationship. He was infatuated with Anne even through the problems he was having with the divorce from Katherine of Aragon. A couple people I knew that didn’t really know much about this period in time that watched the movie, were a little confused and lost. But I guess I have to remember that they aren’t going to make things follow the book exactly. It was still disappointing. I hope that they do a better job with The Boleyn Inheritance

  6. Wow! I just heard news of this today, and I must say – I’m absolutely thrilled. I admit, I’m a little besotted with Sixteenth Century English History – The Tudor period to be exact. I am fascinated by anything that has to do with the Boleyn family (Anne and Elizabeth especially.) I also find the story of all his wives very interesting.

    The Other Boleyn Girl was an amazing movie, and the book was even better. It wasn’t completely historically correct, but it was a movie – and cmon, it’s Hollywood, they have to change certain things around to make a good movie. Point is, it was pretty accurate (minus a few things. Ex: Anne and Mary actually both served at the French court before even going to the English court. Also, Mary had two children believed to be Henry’s.) But anyway, I’m so excited to see The Boleyn Inheritance because the book was exquisite!

  7. I would love to see this made into a movie but can they please cast a red headed King Henry? And one that is bulky? I mean – make it more realistic…

    Monica – it was strongly rumored that Mary Boleyn had a son by Henry but the boy was never acknowledged. The Other Boleyn Girl is a bit more historically accurate than the Tudors. Some of the stuff on the Tudors, while very entertaining, is way off.

  8. I am a great fan of the tudors that was aired on sho time. and i watch the other boleyn girl. and the movie was good to me. but watching the tudors and now i have seen the other boleyn girl.
    open up more question about which one is closest to the actual history of the story of king henry did henry really have boy with mary anne sister

  9. I am a great fan of the tudors that was aired on sho time. and i watch the other boleyn girl. and the movie was good to me. but watching the tudors and now i have seen the other boleyn girl.
    open up more question about which one is closest to the actual history of the story of king henry

  10. I love PG works and would love to see Eric Bana again oviously Natalie can’t appear again but Mary is mentioned by Jane Parker in the book and her daughter Catherine Carey is a lady in waiting to Katheine Howard, i would love to see Catherine and Henry in a scene together as father/daughter but without Scarlett i don’t know wiether i’d watch it any idea of a realise date/year?

  11. This is the first Philipa Gregory book I have read and absolutely loved it. I’d really like to see this put onto the big screen.I saw The Other Boleyn Girl but didn’t think Natalie Portmans Anne Boleyn was anywhere near as good as Natalie Dormers portrayal of her in The Tudors.

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