Rodriguez.McgowanRobert Rodriguez has another children’s movie in the works. We learn about Shorts, and get the following pot synopsis thanks to the fledgeling caves of yahoo:

TV stars Jon Cryer and James Spader are returning to the big screen, signing up to star in Robert Rodriguez’s “Shorts,” a family adventure movie that also stars William H. Macy and Leslie Mann. Rodriguez, who also wrote the screenplay, is serving as his own director of photography, editor and visual effects supervisor. The Warner Bros. project is shooting on location in Rodriguez’s Austin hometown.

“Shorts” is set in fictional Black Falls, a suburb where everyone works for Black Box Unlimited Worldwide Industries Inc., whose communication gadget is sweeping the country. A youngster (Jimmy Bennett) discovers a rainbow-colored rock that grants wishes to anyone who holds it. First it causes havoc among the kid population, but things get turned up several notches when adults get their hands on it.

Rodriguez is able to go from gritty, titillating actioners to children’s films with no bother at all. I admire his versatility and ability to wear different hats for whatever project he puts his hands on. I am not interested in his children’s projects, but I have no problem with him using his skill to delight youngsters.

Rodriguez also continues to do as many jobs as humanly possible, overlooking many areas of production. His ability to do much of the work himself was helpful as a fledgeling filmmaker, and now he continues to do so out of love for the craft, and to ensure that his minds eye gets properly represented on the screen.

He is a talented man that can spin a tale, I always like to see what he has on deck.

We will be certain to keep you and your young ones up to speed on this project.

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