The Spirit Posters Revealed

Frank Miller brought us Sin City and eventually we will get to see Sin City 2. But in the mean time, if you want a little taste of some pulp comic mixed with film noir, Miller is set to give us The Spirit based on Eisner’s 1940s serials. Eisner was so influential in comics that the Oscars of the comics world are called the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards.

Now we get some fetching outdoor ads giving us a taste of Frank Miller’s film version. I like how each of the three posters tie into the other to bring us the final reveal. reveals:

Adapted from the legendary comic book series created by Will Eisner, The Spirit is a classic action-adventure-romance written for the screen and directed by genre-twister Frank Miller (creator of “300” and “Sin City”). It is the story of a former rookie cop who returns mysteriously from the dead as the Spirit (Gabriel Macht) to fight crime from the shadows of Central City. His arch-enemy, the Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson) has a different mission: he’s going to wipe out Spirit’s beloved city as he pursues his own version of immortality.

Scarlett Johansson appears in this movie as a punk secretary and frigid vixen. I am not even sure what that means, but if Scarlet gets to play her I am sure it will be hot.

I just love these old pulp comic heroes coming to the screen. As a lover of comic book movies in general, I would have to say the pulp genre translates best to the screen. No updating needed. Just pure storytelling. If you haven’t already, you need to see The Shadow.

However I like the return to film noir style that this book was not originally drawn in. Sure it worked for Sin City, but if this came out later that year everyone would dismiss it as a copycat. Mind you Sin City 2 is coming out soon and this movie will (hopefully) remind you why you want to see it.

The posters also share the official website to the movie:

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3 thoughts on “The Spirit Posters Revealed

  1. the spirit is one of my favourite comics. i hope miller doesn’t screw it up.

    it’s cool that he’s using his ‘artistic stylings’ for the marketing but i’d rather see some nod to will eisner’s style.

    regardless, i’m really looking forward to this movie.

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