Michael Bay is Awesome

I just have to say that Michael Bay is … well.. Awesome. This Verizon commercial featuring Michael Bay proves it.

You can say all you want about his movies, how much you hate them, love them, whatever. But the man has class. He knows what people say about him and he doesn’t let it bring him down. Much like Uwe Boll, he can take the criticism and just say “so what” and keep moving.

It takes a big man to make fun of yourself, and this commercial is just … awesome.

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24 thoughts on “Michael Bay is Awesome

  1. the camera is too “shaky” !
    the barbecue grill design is all wrong!
    i cant understand whats going on ON the pool scene!!!
    and they keep puling the same lame joke all the time!?

  2. Uwe Boll sits on the top of my list of directors who CAN’T take it. Have you ever heard him speak at a press conference or at a screening? He’s a bitter, BITTER man. I’m not kidding.

    Unless you’re talking about a different Uwe Boll, but you and I both know there can be only one Uwe Boll.

  3. I can respect Michael Bay for making fun of himself in the commercial. He’s not a BAD director, but he’s definitely not great either. He’s a couple of steps away from being a hack although he’s not quite in Uwe Boll’s league.

    I do like to laugh at the Verizon Commercials too. Once they have the presence they want, their prices are going to SKYROCKET. I feel sorry for everyone who’s going to experience that massive sticker shock.

  4. My view on Michael Bay: I like his movies. However, I can see why some people would not like his movies. However, people who go to his movies expecting great plot and narrative will be let down every single time, because that is not Mr. Bay’s style. He’s never going to win an Oscar for best picture, nor does he want to. He just wants to make big loud action movies with little plot or charcter development, and I respect him for it. That’s why I admire him. He takes his criticism like a man. He actually said in an interview that he thought that Trey Parker’s The End of an Act song from Team America: World Police was very funny.

    Now, I can gaurantee one thing. If we lived in a world where the Oscars never existed and movies like Rocky, Forrest Gump, or Saving Private Ryan never existed, and all movies were popcorn movies, then Michael Bay would get very little criticism.

  5. That was funny. Yea he is a great director i just think Transformers is not his best work though it is up there. Michael Bays best in order

    1. The Rock
    2. Bad Boys
    3. Bad Boys 2
    5.The Island
    6.Pearl Harbor

  6. I think the key word for today is “Awesome”. Cool commercial, anyone that can poke fun at themselves is aces in my book. Just curious how much Verizon had to shell out to do this commerical.

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