4 New Speed Racer Posters Revealed

SuperHeroHype has a new Speed Racer poster and though I was thinking this would be crappy, I now find myself anxious about seeing this movie. Its a major cheese fest waiting to happen, but it looks like fun. The posters seem to say that and more.

I like how this poster focuses on the car. Its about a race car driver, but you know all we want to see is the flashy cars on the ridiculous tracks pulling insane stunts.The other posters seem to focus on the characters (RacerX, Trixie & Speed) and they dont suck me in nearly as much.

SuperHeroHype has links to 3 more posters, but I like this one the best.

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26 thoughts on “4 New Speed Racer Posters Revealed

  1. May his Shadow fall upon you Rodney.

    I liked both shows enough to buy all the dvds.
    Lexx is prob in my top 3 shows of all time.
    Farscape never went as over the top as LEXX. Check season 4 for example.
    But its also in my top 10.

  2. 790 was the little robot head on Lexx.

    Yes, I once used to worship his shadow. Good show, lots of potential. I think Farscape did a better job nailing that “offbeat” scifi for tv.

  3. Well I don’t want to hiJack this Speed Racer thread,

    I will say no (COOL BEANS) Jamie, 790 is a character in a very popular Science fiction tv show.
    If anyone cares at this point:

    If nobody comes up with it in the few days I’ll reviel it here.

    Go Speed Racer Go!

  4. Jamie, that’s what’s soooo cool. Speed Racer is a Japanese cartoon.

    When it was shown in USA they had to overdub the voices.

    Its like a karate flick if you watch the original cartoon you’ll know what I mean.

    The Wachowskis are trying to stay true to the cartoon. I don’t think all the voices will be like that in this new film but clearly it looks like Racer X will be done that way. Very cool!

  5. okay 790 turns out to be the atlanta thrashers’ radio station, the chanel for fox news somewere in america, the number of virgins a muslim gets if you kill 67and a half infidels, tracy mcgradys jersey number multiplied by 790, part of some dudes address and the number of hot dogs eaten by japanese profesional shong kuim chou in 1987……so googling it did not help at all

    so….do you happen to be mr shong kuim chou? is that why ur 790? if so….how did you do it? think anyone will beat it and do 791? are you afraid one day some one at TMB will coment this website with the name “791”? i bet that if you do see that yuoll say “NOOO! WHO BEAT THE 790 HOT DOG RECORD???!!!”

  6. @ 790
    yeah i know it was a person doing optimus’ voice but since hes a robot itll be easier to make it look original- sinse this guys human then itll be harder to have someone else talking over him (it can be done, im saying…lot of work and very pointless) but i havent heard a lot from racer x- he sayd like 4 words in the trailer so..well wait

    and i was exagerating with the 5 year old thing but, they are aiming it at youger people- if they arent and theyre aiming this at adults then theyre doing a poor job hence the pink buildings. i mean TO ME it looks great im just saying, some people might find it lame and the movie makers dont want that, they want peopel watchign the movie and they went for the wrong crowd. they should have made it more like for the current 20-30 year olds and STILL make it pg-13 so it can be watchable by youger ones and at the same time not be taken as seriously as horton hears a who

  7. Naw Jamie I meant the voice of Optimus Prime. They used the same voice-over actor that did the cartoons.

    If you look carfully at Racer X when he speaks in the trailer it looks like he’s being overdubbed with the old-school Racer X voice.

    Btw this film is hardly being marketed to 5 year olds. With the graphics I’ve seen every sci-fi fan will want to see this film. And I hate racecars. But not Speed Racer. Speed Racer was allways fighting crime. In a fantay world.

    I say move over 5 year olds.

  8. @ 720
    i doubt that. in transformers it was easy because optimus was a computer generated character, racer x is a real dude so itll be harder to do it. im sure that when they were casting for racer x they were looking for someone that could talk like him not just someone that looks like him.

    anywho- i still think its unfair theyre aiming this movie towards todays five year olds instead of the grown ups who used to watch this show all the time.

  9. Right on Spagett, this film looks awesome and I’m 40.

    I was a huge fan of the cartoon and this “fantasy world look” is going to
    blow everyone away.
    I think there dubbing Racer X’s voice. He sounds just like the same Racer X in the Cartoon. Kinda like they did with Optimus in Transformers.

    Very cool Mach 5’s sound effects.
    I can’t wait to see all the cool things that that car can do.

    I can’t wait to see this film!!! And I hope I can find some of these posters.

  10. I’m 22 and just watched all the new trailers and think it looks completely awesome.

    So I guess I like kiddie stuff then…

    and the way Racer X talks is fucking awesome.

  11. @ EVERYONE

    bear in mind that this movie IS aimed at all the younger kids not the groun ups
    so stop saying its lame or cheesy cuz i think that the makers WANTED it to be that way..trust me..they werent trying to make this realistic hence the charlie and the chocolate factory feel the trailers have to it

    BUT i think its wrong that theyre aiming it at the kids cuz the kids RIGHT NOW dont usually know who speed racer is they wathc other shit now. it shoul dbe made for the grown ups that watched it when they were little (im 17 and i watched it all the time..i count as a grown up too..)
    so im sure its the gerown ups that are like “oh what the fuck is this?? this looks like a dr seus movie”
    they should have made it more realistic and not made the tracks look like the inside of a pinball machine

    still im loking forward to this (have you guys seen racer x!!?? he looks PERFECT!!)

  12. @790

    I think you meant NOT at a Matinee… Matinee showings are in the afternoons (typically weekends) which is when the screaming kids will be going. I like to go to late shows. At least responsible parents wont bring their kids to a 10pm showing.

  13. This film is going to be huge! Prob one of the biggest films of the year.
    The toys alone worldwide will break all kinds of records. The Speed Racer world is full of cool characters and strange cars. Its a marketing paradise.
    The lead actor Emile Hirsch (Speed) is a brillaint actor (check “Into the Wild”). He’s going to be the perfect cast for that role as well as RacerX and Trixie. This is going to be great!!!!!!! I reccomend going to a matinee for this one. Less screaming kids….

  14. I don’t understand all the hate out there for this movie. Looks like a delicious eye candy spectacular to me. The cheesy acting is true to the cheesy source material. The Wachoswki’s know how to handle CGI. looks fun.

  15. Anyone who thinks that this movie is going to bomb underestimates the power of American kids. I was babysitting my sister’s kids last week and I took them out to see a movie and trailer for Speed Racer came on and they basically had an orgasm looking at the trailer. I think this will be one of the biggest hit 2008.

  16. i dont know if its the weed or what. but i cant stop being excited about this movie. i know the acting will be horrible, and the special effects are seizure inducing. but the more i see about this the more i want to see this. damn nostalgia

  17. I’m predicting that this will be one of the biggest bombs this year. Nothing about this film is remotely appealing. Melodramatic acting coupled with hyper active CGI make this a very strange mix.

  18. i like the x racer dude hes so rad

    i am so loking forward to this and i know some scenes look wack and lame but when i was little speed racer transformers and dragon ball were the shows i watched the most (and power rangers) SO IM SO LOKING FORWARD TO THIS

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