Shia La Beouf Pleads Not Guilty

Shia-1It appears Shia has been breaking the law and had a warrant issued for his arrest! …for smoking cigarettes? We get the news from the caves of yahoo:

Shia LaBeouf has pleaded not guilty to an unlawful smoking charge. Attorney Michael Norris entered the plea on behalf of the 21-year-old actor Wednesday, a day after a judge issued a $1,000 bench warrant for LaBeouf’s arrest.

The bench warrant, which didn’t contain details on the circumstances or the location of the offense, was dismissed. According to TMZ, the 21-year-old thesp was busted for puffing illegally on the sidewalk outside a gift store called Skyblupink. LaBeouf, who was cited last month, was scheduled to be arraigned on the misdemeanor charge but he failed to appear at Tuesday’s hearing. A hearing is set for April 24. If convicted, the “Transformers” star faces a maximum penalty of a $1,000 fine and six months in jail.

I don’t smoke, but I certainly feel for those that do sometimes. You are allowed to buy cigarettes, but it is slowly becoming illegal to smoke them anywhere; and this is odd to me. How Shia can get busted for smoking on a sidewalk is beyond my understanding. If you can’t smoke out side now; where can you go? Space? Underground smoking caves? Who knows, I don’t have to deal with the nuisance, but the laws certainly seem to be going overboard.

I do not think Shia is going to go to the slammer for this, but It would certainly be a big news day if he did. We will have to pick up on this story In April and see what punishment the judge decrees (if any).

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22 thoughts on “Shia La Beouf Pleads Not Guilty

  1. I think it is stupid. He just took a smoke..i hope he is not going to jail for six months…that would be rediculos.
    I think it is stupid, if you are old enough to buy ciggarets, and are standing outside smoking, what is the problem…

  2. I think this all depends on the circumstances. On the one hand, if he was standing a reasonable distance from open doors (what’s reasonable? 15-20 feet?) than this is ridiculous.

    But if he was standing very near to the doorway, than it could just be arrogance.

    We’ll never know.

  3. Danm!
    Why they didnt put him in the “klink”before the Berg start to do the new indy movie?
    Keep in there for 6 months,just 6 months!
    And a fine of 1000$ only!?its a goddanm holywood star!
    make the beef pay 10x more common he can afford it!

    The beef is not Indys son.
    In fact im preety sure i saw Marion Ravenwood other day,and she was
    making out with Sala!!!!
    Get me a DNA exam and prove me!

  4. This whole war against tobacco is getting ridiculous. what’s next, special passes for smokers? “only two packs for you this month, mrs. smith.” it’s ridiculous! what i do with my life is not the damn government’s business. if smokey’s outside burning his lungs away, then let him! i don’t care and he obviously doesn’t. as long as he ain’t blowing smoke on my face i really fail to see the problem. man, the states are becoming a scary place to live in……not that they weren’t already

  5. I hate smoking and being around it and hate when my friends light in the car but dam them for sending some one to jail for smoking anything thats stupid. Well America had the worst laws compared to Europe. If he serves any time thats just some bullshit.

  6. Cigarette smoke kills. I don’t smoke and would have no problem with others doing so if it wasn’t always blown back into my face. While I agree that it’s silly to think he could go to jail for this (of course he won’t), I have no problem with these new laws or hiking the cigarette tax to infinity. Can’t afford the habit? THEN QUIT.


  7. I belive rule here in Cali is you need to be 20ft away from a building to smoke, at least that is what I see posted outside of many business areas. What kills me is the fact that an officer took the time to cite Shia instead of just asking him to move! Guess the cop was bored.

    As mentioned above it should be a like a parking ticket fine, no more. I can’t belive it’s a show up in court ticket. I’m sure Shia merely forget he had a court date like most anyone else who was cited for this type of offense.

  8. Smoking laws invite a nanny state to happen.

    It’s none of the government’s business who does what on private property (restaurants/bars/cars/apartments). It should be up to the business owner.

    As far as the Shia charge is concerned, I hope the thing gets thrown out. It’s ridiculous that tax payers are having to spend money on it.

  9. I’m pretty sure Shia wasn’t just “smoking on the sidewalk” but probably more along the lines of hindering the entrance way while smoking (ala the 15′ rule). Come on people.

    As for the Ontario govt passing that ridiculous law about smoking in our cars, it’s going to be the single stupidest thing this govt has done to date (and there’s been plenty). Instead of punishing the pusher, they’re punishing the user, which seems to be the correct way in handling problems. What a friggin’ joke…

  10. If a business wants to let people smoke in their building, why can’t they permit this in some places? That’s just plain silly.

    As for smoking outside, if they’re going to make a law, you’d think it could be something similar to a parking ticket. Just pay a fine, bada bing, get it over with and that’s that. This is stupid.

  11. In Ontario they are talking about passing a law that makes it illegal to smoke in cars carrying children, which I think is a great idea.

    Whether smoking is legal or not, it is still extremely harmful to people and especially children. Not only that, but studies have shown that children who have parents that smoke are more likely to become smokers themselves.

    As a smoker who has tried to quit over 20 times and have grandparents who have died from smoking related illnesses I find it sickening that tobacco companies are allowed to peddle such toxic and poisonous substances.

    The least we can do as smokers is be considerate enought to walk away from people and entrances to public buildings to smoke.

    I do think that this charge on Shia is bullshit though and that police should be issuing warnings rather than charging people, although it may be that they tried that already and Shia was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    I have no doubt that in the end he will plead down the case and pay a small fine.

  12. I live in Georgia where you can basically smoke anywhere and everywhere. If you have ever woken up and smelt like an ash tray because you were hanging out at a bar or a restaraunt that allowed smokers, you would understand why it makes sense to ban smoking in public places. It scares me to think what my lungs suffered from second hand if my skin and clothes smell like I just fought a forest fire.

  13. this sentence makes no sense? wait california’s lawmakers are mostly democrates? that sheds a lot of light on the issue!

    anyways good luck capturing the son of freaking indiana jones!

  14. In oregon we have until next january, then it is no more smoking in public places Bars, Bingo Halls, resturaunts…..anywhere in doors I believe.

    I am not a smoker, and honestly I like the law, about indoor smoking but, outside is outside, they shouldnt be able to stop people for that.

    I mean 15ft not so bad, it is getting kind of crazy

  15. I heard in California the lawmakers are trying to pass people smoking inside there house with childern will be charged with abuse for secondhand smoke? WEIRD

  16. yea i think here in chicago ur not allowed to smoke in any public buildings such is the work place or restaurants and bars, even in clubs and pool halls now. pretty much any where but u can smoke outside just as long as its 15ft away from the main entrance. and if one was cited for smoking outside, shouldnt they just be given a ticket or citation and be on their merry way. why do u have to come in to court and get jail time? and if he’s going to jail im petitioning to open paris hiltons case back up.

  17. im not a cigarette smoker either, but some of those smoking laws are pretty stupid. here in maryland u cant smoke in restaurants, bars, or even outside those facilities. and i highly doubt people rather smoke cigarettes in their house…

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