The Last Starfighter Sequel In The Works

TlsfWell it looks like The Last Starfighter (an 80’s staple) is about to get a sequel 20 years on ala Tron. We get the scoop thanks to a cinemablend exclusive!

I’ve heard vague rumblings in recent years that a sequel might be in the works, and now it looks like it’s actually happening. It is currently on the production schedule for a company called George Paige and Associates, and they list it as being distributed by Warner Brothers and Universal Pictures. Tonight I got an email from a scooper going by the name of ZondoDon, who claims that not only is it on the schedule, it’s about to start shooting next month.

He adds: “It involves original director Nick Castle, writer Jonathan Betuel and actor Lance Guest. It’s your basic Son of the Starfighter storyline and actually sounds pretty cool.” A teenage Guest starred in the original movie, so if they really are pursuing a Son of the Starfighter plot, it makes sense that they’d want him back… assuming of course any of Zondo’s scoop is true.

The Last Starfighter was a great idea for a film. With so many people growing up with video games and with the genre bigger than ever, the film makes almost more sense now than it did when it was originally released. I am not sure I understand a sequel, but I always like to think that one day my Virtua Fighter skills will gain the attention of an alien race… so I am on board to keep the dream alive.

International friends – do you have interest for a sequel to The Last Starfighter or should they leave well enough alone?

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30 thoughts on “The Last Starfighter Sequel In The Works

  1. I loved the original so much as a kid, that when I was around 20 years old, I had a car with one of those dummy buttons for an option I didn’t have. I found a red and white sticker and placed it over it. When friends asked me what that was, I would reply:

    “DON’T TOUCH IT! …That’s Death Blossom”

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a new chapter in this one. Disney brought back Tron, and that went alright. I wouldn’t want to see a “Son or Daughter of” routine though. Remember, Alex went on to leave Earth in the end, and help rebuild the Star League. It’s entirely possible that an aging Alex is searching to find his replacement like Centauri searched for him him.

  2. I am so excited for this sequel! I cannot stop listening to the theme song. I am young and i feel very lucky to have seen The Last Starfighter (but read the book first) and i feel that the sequel will be awesome! Cant wait!

  3. I’m split as to the way this should go. I can totally see the Son of Starfighter thing, but at the same time, in my mind, this movie is classic enough to be done as a remake. Now I LOVED Lance Guest and Catherine Mary Stewart as actors, but it just seems to me that the story as a whole is so much more orginal(even though it’s been done once already) than anything out there. It just has that reach-for-the-stars feel that no movie since MAYBE the new Star Trek has had. Key to all of it is capturing that sense of wonder and amazement that the original did so well, despite the fledgling effects and iffy script. By doing a remake, it would also make it easier to do sequels with actors that are still young enough to do them. Maybe a remake with Guest and Stewart as cameos? I don’t know. All I know is this, I emailed George Paige and told him not to f*$k it up, end of story.

  4. IMDB has confirmed a release date of next year, and Norman Snow is cast as Xur!!!!

    Cannot wait for this, however the company producing it GPA, is not known for large budgets.

  5. I’m hoping the sequel will inspire the type of franchise treatment Star Wars and Star Trek have enjoyed for years: Novels continuing the tale and so on.

  6. Question for all you Starfighters out there: Does Last Starfighter have the potential for becoming a future TV series for Sci-Fi? (Example: Stargate = Stargate SG1 & Atlantis). A working title for it could be “Starfighter Academy”. With the Starfighter arcade game being sent out all over the galaxies, the possibilities are endless. Just some more ideas.

  7. Greetings Starfighter…fans. Now would be the best time for a sequel. Especially if the original cast gets on board. I’ve always liked the idea of Alex and Maggie having a son and a daughter. The daughter would become a starfighter and the son would be kidnapped by Zur as a baby and raised to be evil (My spin on the Luke/Leah birth seperation). That way a new starfighter recruit can be a male teen from earth who later can be the love interest to the Rogan’s daughter. Just some ideas.

  8. It’s about time, I can’t believe that this movie was not better know, it was the first with computer graphics, and was just as good a story line as Star Wars. Look forward to the release.

  9. I am really thrilled about a Starfighter sequel. The idea of Alex and Maggie having a child(ern) is going to be expected. Alex is now, commander of Starfighter Legion—-hmmm good title. New Starfighter cadets with a Rogan or Rogans can be cool. One of them is a maverick another like iceman(Top-Gun). The Legion is sent on a wild goose chase, while our young heroes are left to defend, the League. They pickup a transmission that the dastardly Ko-Dan are actually going to attack Earth. So, the cadet squadron goes racing to save the day. I like Sci-Fi, but I hope they come up with something new. But this idea can work and be cool. Either which way, my sci-fi geek ass will go see it anyway. Cheers!!!

  10. I am an amatuer screenwriter and have actually been working on a sequel to The Last Starfighter. There are many ways the story could go but I chose to update the story to modern times and then a sequel could easily be done from that.

  11. The Last Starfighter was huge amongst my friends in Australia as a kid. I imagine any sequel (marketed correctly of course) could be a major hit. Bring back the Death Blossom!!!!!!!

  12. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)would love to see a sequal of the last starfighter and look forward to it immensely!!

  13. I’m with Darren, are all the starfighters going to get wiped out AGAIN? I want to see a sequel, but I dont want to see a rehash of the story where they have to recruit another “last starfighter.” I would like to see a squadron of starfighters recruited over time and an all out battle between a squadron of starfighters against some evil alien race.

  14. The alien ship is about to explode,

    Alien soldier: “What do we do?

    Another alien: “We Die!”

    I have good memories of this movie. It’s almost like if the movie had really happened in my youth. I’m not sure if it works nowadays without modernizing it but I’d watch it just for the nostalgia

  15. in my humbling opinion, insted of making a sequel, they should release a remastered version…..

    man…i just remember the “clone” guy who left on earth, still give me the creeps.

    greets from MEXICO.

  16. Gosh I love this movie, glad for a sequel, just hope it’ll be good, and that it won’t be just a direct to dvd type thing, ala lost boys.

  17. my good friend was writing a script for a sequal he hoped to sell to the studio. He will be so bummed when he finds out this is happening. It came OUT OF NOWHERE has anyone heard about this before today??? If u think Transformers DID NOT deserve best VFX at the oscars you are simply incorrect im still pissed about that.

  18. I also hoped for a sequel. It lent itself to one (the villain escapes like the little bitch that he was) and wth the new film the FX can be improved by leaps and bounds. I’m fine with “a new generation”…beats a remake. Also, I have to confess…it can open itself up well. Will son (or daughter?) like the idea of his father having to teach him to be a Starfighter? What was life like on another planet? Think…outside of him mom and dad, the kid(s) have never seen another human being!

    The timeline is great. The kids could be late teens to early 20’s. Just one request, no, two:

    1) Make sure the title is plural “Last StarfighterS” because it would be kinda retarded if daddy buys it, the aliens die and the one left is the son of the previous Last starfighter.

    2) I want Cathy back too. If they can get Mr. Guest, they can sure as heck get Ms. Stewart.

  19. I’m there i wish Robert Preston was alive to be Centari once more, but i suppose the can still have the character with a new human face to put on.

  20. I liked the first one a lot, but I hate it when they go back and try to make sequels where the torch is passed off to new characters…However, since the original people are on board with this one (somewhat like Tron 2 but more-so) I’ll give it a chance.

  21. They should have done one after the original was released back in the 80’s…..showing Maggie and Alex living in the stars…..but I still would love to see a sequel. One of my fave movies when I was a kid!

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