First Look At Mulder And Scully In The X Files 2

The classic duo have returned for the second X Files film! We get our first gawk at them this morning thanks to out friends at comingsoon:




There you have it folks, these pictures are not packed with action and/or drama but it is nice to see the familiar pair back together. This film is set to be a stand alone story and will not tie into the ongoing conspiracies of the original show or film; this was the correct decision to make. Many moviegoers may not be familiar with the show and expecting them to understand the back-story would be unreasonable. Having the legendary sleuths in a one shot film will allow a new generation of fans to jump headlong into the story with the rest of us.

The X Files 2 is scheduled for a release date of July 25, 2008

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15 thoughts on “First Look At Mulder And Scully In The X Files 2

  1. holy shit that was gillian anderson was in The Last King of Scotland….damn she looked good…

    i hope this flick will be good…..the last few seasons of the show were pretty awful imo….seeing mulder and scully does make me smile a little..

  2. Excellent..can’t wait for this to come out. agree that it’s like 5 years overdue. i’ll be there on opening day with my hat from fallen angel..awesome…

  3. Frankolf, your comment is odd.

    As mentioned, Duchovony has recently enjoyed success on the Showtime series Californication.

    Anderson went blonde with a British accent to the point where…you didn’t know it was her…in The Last King Of Scotland.

    While it’s great X- Files 2 is rolling out this summer, They really don’t “need” it, but, I am very much interested on how things are with the two characters.

  4. Those pics put a smile on my face. The first X-Files movie was pretty good, so if this one is at least on par with the first one, I’ll be satisfied. I stopped watching the X-Files TV show in the last couple of seasons. For a show that was weird already, it got to a point where I had to wave the white flag and move on to something else. It was too ridiculous to be taken even somewhat seriously anymore. I hope the movie isn’t quite as wacky as those last seasons were.

  5. I can not waite for this film I loved the X-files and its great to see them moving away from the conspiricy also its funny to look at the pics to see how much older gillian looks compaired to david

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