Aliens Vs Hunter

It appears that the same copycats that brought us Snakes On A Train have branched out into Alien territory! We get the hilarious scoop and trailer thanks to Pete at slashfilm:

Found this photo on Flickr. I wonder how many stupid people rent this direct-to-dvd rip-off thinking it’s part of the AVP (Alien vs. Predator) series? The film has an estimated budget of $500,000, and is currently getting a 1.4 out of 10 user rating on the Internet Movie Database. Produced by The Asylum, a company known for it’s cheap rip-off DVD movies, which also includes: Transmorphers, Snakes on a Train, I Am Omega, Da Vinci Treasure, HG Wells’ War of the Worlds, and Pirates of Treasure Island.

This is hilarious. I need to have an Asylum movie night where I watch as many films as I can handle back to back. Such blatant rip offs are just awesome; the product is so horribly outlandish that you can do nothing but laugh and enjoy. It was awesome to see them beat Snakes On A Train on the release date. The copy cat was able to rip off the original before it was even finished. These guys work fast – you have to give them that.

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14 thoughts on “Aliens Vs Hunter

  1. Well, someone has to make Mark Dacascos

    My favourite is Bram Stoker’s Dracula’s Curse: guns, green blood, chick fights, lesbians, bad english accents… what more could you ask for?

  2. Those movies show up in Hollywood Video (where I work) on a weekly basis. The one that I’m still laughing at: The Woods Have Eyes and When a Killer Calls. I love how they even rip off dumb movies.

  3. Empire magazine had an article on them.
    Asylum had a hilarious quote ‘Spielberg’s version of War of the worlds is 500 times more expensive than our version. But we doubt you are going to get 500 times more the satisfaction from watching his version instead of ours.’

    They are right.

  4. omg i have thta movie AND the poster hanging up on my wall!!!!!
    that movies changed highschool for me
    best movie ive ever seen i think ill put it in my myspace
    im dressing as hunter in halloween and getting a tatoo

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