9 thoughts on “Between Two Ferns Interview With Michael Cera

  1. Cera’s got some different type of roles lined up for 2008, a punk rock romance with some long title I don’t remember and Youth In Revolt. I’m really looking forward to them.

  2. Jay has a point, but you have to remember that Michael Cera is barely nineteen years old. I’m sure he’ll mature as an actor, but right now, I think his brand of comedy works.

  3. I really enjoy Michael Cera and think he’s hilarious, but one day I would like to see him try a different type of comedy. He has been doing this “awkward situation, don’t know what to say, blank stare” comedy since Arrested Development. Its definitely his shtick, but just like Will Farrel he needs to try branching out before it gets old. His characters in AD, Superbad, Juno, etc, are all the same.

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