Daniel Radcliffe Has Yet To Sign On For Harry Potter 7

danrad.jpgInteresting story over at cinematical today about Daniel Radcliffe. Apparently in the source article from the Herald Sun quotes Mr. Radcliffe as saying that he has not yet signed on for the final installment of the series. The quote in question is provided here:

It should be noted that Mr. Radcliffe has not signed on for the seventh Potter movie yet. The boy wonder says, “It all depends on the script and who’s going to direct it. It would be foolish to make it for the sake of it.”

This sounds like something anyone would say (that has any business sense). Danny will be in the seventh film, I can guarantee that. I can also assure you that he will be expensive. The main cast is getting older and wiser, and they will be set for retirement by the time the series comes to a close. Buddy for them I say.

The Potter series of films has been a delightful surprise to me. I have enjoyed all of them and look forward to the next always more then the previous films combined. The series has been a slow roll of enthusiasm for me but now I am on board and anxiously await what is around the bend. I refuse to read the books because I have enjoyed the story in a movie format thus far, but after the release of the final film I plan to go through and read the series.

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10 thoughts on “Daniel Radcliffe Has Yet To Sign On For Harry Potter 7

  1. Am I the only one in this universe that doesn’t like the books, but love the movies?

    He’s definitely gonna do it – he’s still young yet so I’m still unsure of how good you can be, but child actor/actresses do get typecast(ed?) and usually disappears from public eye pretty damn fast.

  2. “It would be foolish to make it for the sake of it.”

    No sir, it would be called finishing what you started. If he backed out with only one film to go, it would be the biggest bullshit ever.

  3. He’ll sign on. He’s lying through his teeth. He knows damn well the script and director will be fine. He just knows that this is the last film he’ll REALLY be important in and he’s waiting for negociations to rack in as much cash as he can. And to constantly put himself in the news.

    He is Harry Potter, he will ALWAYS be known as Potter. He’s not going to have any range to his acting accept the whiny little british wizard boy and he understands this.

  4. Viddy… Why on earth should he not ask for as much as possible? I certainly have looked for as much money and privileges as possible whenever I’ve had a negotiation of that sort. I don’t see that changing with another few more 0s added.

  5. WHAT.THE.FUCK. He’s playing picky when he has been already in 5 FUCKING HARRY POTAH MOVIES AND IS GONNA DO THE 6TH????????!!!!! BUT HE FEELS UNSURE ABOUT THE LAST ONE????? If he was worried about typecasting or “scripts” at this point he should have bailed at the 2nd movie. Rubbish. Prisoner of Azkaban I enjoyed though. Maybe because of Cuaron.

    Anyways……He mostlikely wants more money, as usual.

  6. Not holding out would be idiotic beyond words. Wonder how much he could ask for? The movies have all made around 900 million, world wide. The final one will pass 1 billion, easily. If the book isn’t completely shit, that is. Disregarding back end, he’s probably looking at 20-30 million, up front. Decent for someone not out of high school.

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