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georomero.jpg We have news today about the progress of Diary of the Dead from th mouth of Romero himself. We get the scoop from Myspace via our friends at the movieweb:

I’ve been trying to work under-the-radar, with no hype or press, but lately I’ve started hearing all kinds of shit about “What’s goin’ on with Romero?” “What’s with his new film?”
Gimme a break over here! I’m up in Toronto workin’ my ass off, making Diary the best it can be. Truth is, I’m having a blast. I’ve gone home to the kind of filmmaking that I used to do, back in the day.

Diary is a hundred percent independent, made with my partner, Peter Grunwald, and our new friends at Artfire. I haven’t had this much freedom since 1968. The cast, of what film critics will probably call “unknowns” (they won’t be for long) is, in my opinion, fuckin’ great.

This appears to be great news, Romero seems pumped about the project and seems to be enjoying the punk rock simplicity. I am glad he decided to give us all an update in response to the ongoing interest in the film. He is a man with many fans that are in love with his work, and he was kind to throw them a bone.

I have said before and I will say again that I will never tire of a good zombie movie. The slow walkers are creepy as all heck! They create a slow plodding terror in my heart, and few films are able to create the sense of impending doom better than a zombie movie.

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6 thoughts on “Diary Of The Dead News

  1. That’s great news – it was obvious that Romero felt a little suffocated by studio imposed regulations on Land of the Dead (which I did enjoy), so it’s good to see he’s getting the freedom he craves.

    Any word if it’s KNB or Tom Savini doing the effects?

  2. sounds like the start of Romero’s redemption. please let it be true.
    i really hated that Hulk-like zombie & his undead buds in his last outing.
    Land Of The was no horror flick. it was a Van Damme straight-to-vid special sans Jean-Claude & with zombies in it.

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