Possible Soundwave Design For Transformers 2?

Ok. This was a soundwave picture that went up on The Movie Blog Community site and I am throwing it up because it is too good not to share. For those of you that want to see additional pics of Soundwave go here:


Well…This (from what I hear) was the winning design of some Transformers contest done by Tim Shinn. If the studio is smart, they will use it for Transformers 2

This is just an awesome job combining the features of the origional Bot with a useable transformed vehicle. Tim Shinn we are all in your debt. Now make the spare tire turn into Laser Beak!

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39 thoughts on “Possible Soundwave Design For Transformers 2?

  1. I seen some Transformers toys for the Transformers 2 movie and sound wave looks junkie.. This dudes drawing is so baddddd assssss.

    Oh well….

  2. I think the head looks amazing
    just what a scary robot needs to look like.
    however i dont think the chest looks that gd though (personal opinion).
    and if sounsdwave does become a car then at least make it a massive armoured one. if not put him in his plane form.
    i wanna see him KILL:L

  3. I only have one suggestion or shall I say one thought, there is a military type sound wave vehicle (you know the type they created for non casualty assaults or something) sound wave can easily be made into that vehicle and with the vehicles specs it looks like it could actually be a good match to be soundwave.

  4. I think it looks pretty badass. I’m a G1 fanatic,but I think it’s ok if he doesn’t change into a boombox,ipod or whatever. I hated how he changed sizes in the cartoon(as did Megatron). It’s modern times and as a Transformer of higher caliber, he needs to be able to have the ability to fight against the bigger Autobot. As long as his weapons have some sort of sound distorting capability, I think it will be all good. Just don’t make him into some sort of hood mobile. Soundwave was always the voice of reason for the Decepticons. Why turn him into something that represents ignorance?Oh and give him his old voice and ravage and lazerbeak. They have to be in the movie or it will just be ruined.

  5. Pretty amazing that Tim Shinn submit this in a contest as original art? Considering it is such a clear kitbash from the TF1 Ironhide conceptual illustration. See link: (http://www.benprocter.com/SITEv2/HTML/ZOOM_Trans/ZOOM_58.html). What the [email protected]#! is this kid trying to pull off. He should really think about giving the original illustrator the award if any or at least a credit. Because the only thing Tim Shinn has mastered is the cut & paste features in photoshop.

  6. I disssagree Justbecause his name is soundwave doesn’t mean he has to have anything at all do do with dj or stuff like that. and about making him fat,lame!

  7. What i think is going to happen is the escalade that transformed when sam dropped the all spark is in turn going to be sound wave kinda like the toys (allspark) power it makes perfect sense if not he needs to be one of those new sonic pulse humvees in testing for the military it was featured on future weapons hear while back it has a dish on top and when aimed into a crowd it gives people a real bad pain in the abdominal area

  8. I don’t know, I think soundwave should be a sound system for stage. Like a rack system with stage-sized speakers and stuff. The little decepticons can be 2-space rackmounted components, like a compressor, EQ, effects processor, etc. That would put Soundwave into the same size category as the bigger decepticons and Ravage and the like in the same size category as Frenzy was in the first movie, and also make them rectangular like the cassettes from the original show.

  9. This is great! Soundwave was the only decepticon that can actually get the job done and done right!

    We don’t need to make him small like frenzy. Frenzy would be his little sidekick, like ravage and laserbeak.

    Having him as a big kickass communcations vehicle such as Tim made him to be is PERFECT. Needs a satalite dish lol.

    He should also have special weaponry to his talents, afterall he is Sound Wave. Have sonic booms or very high pitched noises to scramble communications and disrupt frequencies.

    Michael Bay, pay attention, you need to put him in TF2.

    He needs to have a battle mask like Prime has and reveal his mouth when talking.

    Oh ya, I don’t know about you but I personally think his voice should be computer genereated like in the cartoon. That’s whats made him special as well. Synthetic, robotic hollow voice.

  10. nice idea but if your a true hardcore transformers fan you know soundwave is now a f-117 stealth fighter.wich i am pretty sure if they have him in the movie thats what he will be. it just fits with the other decepticons way to well.

  11. Soundwave should be fat and should have his oldd voice in the old cartoon since I’ve been watching the old show on youtube. His eyes need to be like how it looked in the cartoon. Have Ravage introduced first before Soundwave. Yo, and please have him say Decepticons Superior and whatever he said about the Autobots.

  12. his eyes shouldn’t look evil at all. his hands shouldn’t be sharp or long just fat looking. some stereo systems and his microphone. he needs to be more of a darker blue and white. His voice should sound like the voice in Transformers Cybertron instead of the old cartoon because that kind sounded like a machine. Please if you’re having Lazerbeak have him scary and evil looking and have him introduced before Soundwave comes. Have Bumblebee defeat this guy since he didn’t defeat Barricade in the first

  13. If Soundwaves head looks any different in the film, I will be let down.

    I actually dont mind that he transforms into a car, I kinda dig it. Yeah its different and doesnt make a whole lotta sense with the “soundwave” thing, but stick a sattelite on his back in car mode and make him a reconnasciance guy, done.

  14. Firstly, this looks FUCKING awesome.

    It’s a modern addeptation of the old cheesy Soundwave, thats looks realistics, scary and downright cool.

    Knowing Bay (or whoever makes the sequel) will never make Soundwave a boombox, or an iPod. The only real vehicle that uses sound is one of those trucks that have speakers on the roof. I guess this could be used to lull humans to follow Depecticon instructions or something.

    And yes, for the love of God, let Laser Beak replace the gremlinbot.

  15. I think he should be a suv with alot of speakers. and hydrolics. And lazerbeak should pop out of his grill. Soundwave should be a hood wagon, fo sho.

  16. Why is this (awesome looking) thing called “Soundwave” if it transforms into a vehicle? Just do a deal with Apple and have him transform into an iPod, for God’s sake–they’ve already got product placement up the asshole anyway. This is HORRIBLE unless he transforms into something to do with MUSIC. That’s the whole fucking point.

    But it does look awesome.

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