United 93 Comedy? Should Such a Thing Be Made?

Well this one is just a huge mess waiting to erupt. I wasn’t that big of a fan of United 93. I applauded the film for taking on such a delicate subject and doing it in a very tasteful way, but I still think AS A MOVIE it was over-priased. However, there is something coming on the horizon that could get A LOT OF PEOPLE really upset. A comedy version of United 93. Our friends over at Filmjunk give us this:

After the lukewarm public response to United 93 and World Trade Center last year, it seemed that most people just weren’t ready to relive the dramatic events of 9/11 yet. Well now another year has passed… and British comedian Chris Morris is hoping that this time around, the public will be ready to not only relive 9/11, but also laugh at it as well! He is reportedly developing a TV film for Channel 4 that is described as “a comedy version of United 93″.

Excuse me a moment while I pick my jaw up off the floor. Personally, I don’t really think enough time has passed yet to do a satire or comedy on the events of 9/11… after all… a lot of people didn’t even think enough time had passed for a tasteful, memory honoring movie of the subject.

I’m often confronted by the words of the guys who do South Park. They once said (and I’m paraphrasing here): “You can either make fun of everything, or you can’t make fun of anything”. Those are true words… but uncomfortable ones.

It seems to me that we all think it’s ok to make fun of (even just in good fun) stuff that doesn’t effect us personally. But in one form or another 9/11 effected us all. So the question is… is it ok to do satire when it’s about something that effected you?

My bottom line is this. Yes, it’s ok for this guy to make a satire. But I’m personally not ready to see it. Not yet. I’m still a few years away from being comfortable with it. But that’s not to say other people can’t be ready for it… and maybe that’s a good thing.

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18 thoughts on “United 93 Comedy? Should Such a Thing Be Made?

  1. Here’s the Brass Eye pedophilia episode on Youtube


    I think it’s worth linking to because I imagine most of the people who have commented on this aren’t familiar with Chris Morris, and hence are understandably hostile. Pedophilia is surely as sensitive and un-funny a topic as 9/11, and yet I think this is more or less undeniably successful, both as comment on media and public hysteria and simply as an exercise in absurdity.

    Of course I appreciate the concerns raised above, but if this film does get made then I’d expect it to be important, thought-provoking, hilarious and respectful (which doesn’t mean bending over backwards to make sure no one gets offended), and the assumptions some people have made about Morris’ motivation are baseless and absurd.

    There is, in my opinion, something not right and even dangerous about declaring certain topics as off limits for any kind of comic treatment, and personally I think John’s guarded wariness is far more appropriate than some people’s head-in-the-sand refusal to entertain the idea.

  2. I support freedom of expression wholeheartedly. However, I find myself in agreement with a majority of the commenters on this page. I won’t see this film; however, if someone wants to create it, though it is tasteless in my opinion, they have every right to.

  3. Why in the fuck should a fucking British comedian be able to make a joke out of an American national tragedy? This is a horrible fucking idea, and I’d like to see him shot. Way out of line, and in horrible taste. What nerve.

  4. And people thought Ang Lee’s Hulk was ridiculous! Spielberg got away with 1941 because its time has passed for decades. We haven’t passed a decade, and as good as those films are, we are already having 9/11 movies.

  5. What a rediculous idea. He will never get this film made, what he will get is attention for even suggesting it. I’m usually the first one to find something funny in something, but there is ZERO room to find anything funny about what hapened that day.

    Nevermind the fact that it is too soon? how can it be too soon you ask? BECAUSE IT IS STILL GOING ON!!!! The war in Iraq is a direct result of 9/11, without 9/11 Bush would never have been able to justify the invasion, so yeah, lets all yuck it up in a theater while a young man dies in the dessert half a world away.


  6. NO.

    Thats just wrong. Its definitely going to offend me. I can take a joke and seen some pretty out-there comedys, but, this really happened. Just, as said a comedy about holocaust victims, Hiroshima victims, Oklahoma City bombing, would NOT be funny either. This idea is in completely bad taste.

  7. Different strokes…as the old saying goes. Personally, I find the idea of protesting or condemning any work of art to be fruitless and ill-conceived. The idea might be repulsive to you, but that doesn’t mean everyone else feels that way or even should feel that way.

  8. I don’t think I will ever be ready for this type of thing.

    A one line joke I could probably handle, but a whole film which satires the whole events… I don’t think should ever even be contemplated to be made.

  9. Ya, I think it’s a bad idea too. Unless maybe, like said above, it just pokes fun at the Taliban and people’s hysteria over the whole thing, although the media already does a pretty good job of that now.

    But ya, it is still too early for this kind of thing. And also, on the subject of South Park, they’re was a great episode on how somthing tragic or sad doesn’t become funny until atleast like 23 years later. LOL, and the more and more I think about it the more true that is…

  10. Think of this news if it was about another film. Another tragedy that happened and there has already been a major film about it and several other lower budget films. TITANIC! If someone asid the diea of a comedy version of the Titanic, would you be happy? Would you be ready to see THAT? Personally I wouldn’t, I don’t think it’s right to make a comedy of a disaster that affected a lot of people, where people lost their lives for christ sakes. The Titanic sunk almost a hundred years ago now and I STILL don’t think it would be right to make a ‘spoof’ of it, so NO WAY is the world ready to see a comedy of 9/11, something which happened less than 10 years ago.

  11. NO.

    I’m usually up for a good joke, but there is nothing funny at all about thousands of people being killed by a bunch of coward terorists. I’m not an overly sensitive person about this sort of stuff, but a 9/11 comedy is crossing the line. My friend Liz in New York City had to outrun the cloud that came after the first tower fell. Her uncle worked in that building,and she was down there trying to find him, but thank God, he evacuated in time. What the hell is funny about that? I’d be first in line to protest this tasteless movie, you better believe it. TERRIBLE idea.

  12. As a movie, United 93 was the best film of 2006. Greengrass was the director of the year, not only for creating a taut, emotional thriller that properly memorialized the victims, but for extracting amazing performances from a cast of unknowns, some of whom were directly involved in the events.

    Nothing overpraised about it.

    As for the comedian, Jonathan’s right — nothing more than a headline stunt. But if it’s actually funny, I’d be willing to see it.

  13. Nobody would ever be ready for that. A satire on an act of terrorism? Hey, let’s make a satire on the Oklahoma City Bombings or Hiroshima! Yeah, 50,000 died in less than 5 seconds! That would make a funny movie! It’s been 75 years, I think it’s okay now!

    *rolls eyes*

    This guy is a schmuck. You know why he’s doing it? IT WILL MAKE HEADLINES. You know what happens when you make headlines? People KNOW ABOUT YOUR MOVIE. It’s all a publicity stunt so he can get attention.

    Like I said, he’s a schmuck.

  14. I think the idea in general is just in bad taste. No one made a satire about Timothy McVeigh and the Murrah building bombing, (or did they and I just don’t know?). I think it’s not an okay subject to be kicking around for laughs.

    The way I look at it is if they are making fun of possibly the Taliban, then okay. But, if it’s about the planes that went down, the Americans involved, then no. It’s not like you see comedies about Holocaust victims, but rather comedies making fun of Hitler.

  15. Chris Morris is known to go after very sensitive subjects. He got into alot of trouble a few years back for his satirical news show Brasseye’s episode on pedophilia. Generally however, he was not making fun of the events or the people involved but rather the public’s hysterical overblown reactions to a few tragic incidents.

    Hopefully this new comedy will be the same, poking fun at public hysteria, rather than at the people actually on the plane, which I think we can all agree would be in bad taste.

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