New Spiderman 3 Poster

As if we need MORE incentive to get excited about Spiderman 3.

Movie Web shows us:

I REALLY like this design. This is by far the BEST Spiderman poster I have seen yet.

One of the stories I have always liked about Superhero movies is when they get into the actual lives of the hero instead of just making it about what badguy is on your dance card this episode. In each of the Spiderman films they have dipped into this.

The first one was about discovery and establishing the “With great power comes great responsibility”

The second one was about how Spiderman interfered with Peter having a normal life.

Now in the third, its all about how Peter comes face to face with his darker side, and has to deal with his potential. Without Ben Parker’s words to guide him, he might let his power taint him.

Oh yeah, there were some badguys in those movies too, but that was just so we could see Spiderman do cool stuff.

You can see this poster in HiRes along with the previous promotional posters at Movie Web

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10 thoughts on “New Spiderman 3 Poster

  1. Awsome poster. I so love how Sam is going with an even more full on comic book feel this time around. Like having a wild and highly creative character like Venom in for one. But these little touches like Spider-Man in the black costum looking in a window and seeing his original self. Both in this new poster and in the trailer. Giving you a visual representation of his internal struggle.

    Those little artistic comic book touches like that that really put you inside of the mind of the character and there world. Those things that you uasaly only see in the comics the movie is based on. But they found a way to put it in the movie version and make it work well. GOD I LOVE IT!!! :D

  2. I like the red and blue as the reflection.
    To me it’s saying that no matter what, he’s still good inside. I see what your saying about the “darkness within”, but I think the jist of the story is that the good inside Peter will prevail no matter how much evil wraps him up. Kind of symbolizing the idea that the evil symbiote has him covered up but he’s still good inside.

    Either way…

    Best poster in the entire series of movies.
    Absolutely love it.

  3. Brilliant poster and compliments the trailer perfectly.

    I believe it could be the lighting on his fingers making them look podgy and sausage-like. The fingers on the reflective Spidey look ok in comparison. Either that or the alien symbiote makes Parker add a few pounds! ;)

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