Giant Monsters Attack Japan

Stone-Parker Giant Monsters Attack JapanThere is something very “Kevin Smith”ish about Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Not that their films are alike at all… but that they all just seem to be normal guys who really express how they see the world in a very down to earth way (in very different ways). I”m not a huge fan of Smith’s films (except Clerks 2), nor a huge fan of Parker and Stone, but I am a big fan of their personalities and how they all function.

BUt I just had to stand up and take notice of the titles for Parker and Stone’s 2 new live action films. Giant Monsters Attack Japan and The All American. Come on… admit it… you’re interested already! AICN gives us this:

GIANT MONSTERS ATTACK JAPAN, a film that will combine live-action with “man in suit” action, is apparently going to be made with Nickelodeon films, which leads me to make the assumption that it’ll be a family friendly film. Which is just bizarre. What would a Trey Parker and Matt Stone family comedy look like? THE ALL-AMERICAN is a high school comedy and will be up first. Parker will direct both features and Stone produce.

What?!?! A family friendly Parker and Stone film? Ok, sign me as as being REALLY curious to see how something like that would turn out. Kudos to the guys for stretching out and trying something new.

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9 thoughts on “Giant Monsters Attack Japan

  1. I had a childhood obsession with godzilla movies (hell I still love that big, green bastard)and I do enjoy south park very much, so Giant Monsters attack japan is definitely going to interest me.

  2. cartman is my idol so anything they di i wanna see and i wanna see what there kids movies turns out i reckon they might do a good job and that japan one there doing sounds funny as hell

  3. Honestly, I would watch absolutely anything that Trey Parker chose to put on film, but a family-friendly film? That doesn’t sound like his thing at all. I hope he’s not mellowing with age. Damn, getting old is shit.

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