Happy Mothers Day!

mom.jpgHow do you sum up the amount of gratitude you feel towards a person who has invested a lifetime in giving and showing you love, respect, support and understanding (even when they can’t possibly understand what the hell you’re doing)?

How do you say “Thank You” to a person who has always allowed you to make you’re own mistakes, never said “I told you so”, celebrated your victories with you and always had an open door and hot meal ready when you felt defeated?

Easy. You say “Happy Mothers Day”.

Happy Mothers Day mom! You’re the best!!!!

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8 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day!

  1. That is SO CUTE! haha. Also, Happy Mothers Day to my mother, and your mother. even though my mother will not see this, i shall tell her, oh yes, good stuff, i’m leaving now.

  2. (Shouldn’t this go on some sort of personal blog?)

    Ouch Campea, you got a little corny on us. I can see why you like Spielberg.

    It’s nice to have you back though.

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