Audio Edition – April 5th 2006

Welcome to The Audio Edition!

Today, Doug and I discuss Scarlett Johansson playing a 14 year old in a new Napolean film, Remo WIlliams coming back to the big screen, we go off on a tangent about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Sean Connery in a cameo role in the new James Bond film, Ice Man Cheating on Rogue in X-Men 3 (we are such geeks), Charlotte’s Web, Jessica Simpson being cast in Baywatch The Movie, and think about just how bad The Benchwarmers is going to be. All this and a few things more.

Warning: This podcast contains language that may not be suitable for even sailors. Listener discretion is advised.

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13 thoughts on “Audio Edition – April 5th 2006

  1. Why? I saw nothing wrong with her actions.

    Look, her character lost everyone close to her. Her dad had to be put down. She’s was an emotional mess, that dog was her anchor to sanity. It was the world, she would die if something happened to Scooby.

    And no, I’m a cat person.

  2. The girl you’re thinking of is Lindy Booth, the very so yummy redhead. The first time I saw her was in “Wrong Turn” then later in “Dawn Of The Dead” remake.

  3. Darren,

    The “bad” Geisha was Gong Li and she is beautiful. BUT, she is way too fine of an actress to play in something as stupid as Baywatch.

    I’m all about your Jolene Blalock suggestion though.


  4. For the most part, Baywatch was part soap opera in the early years with Hasselhoff and Parker Stevenson, part beach and babes, part disaster-action. When the show got axed then re-emerged in sydnication, it was still the same show, but with more focus on red bathing suits, and without Stevenson, so the buddy angle was gone.

    Jessica Simpson seems like a good choice, but maybe to re-record the theme song from Hasslehoff or Survivor. Who they really need? Models turned actresses or who wish to attempt to do so. Here’s the kind you need:

    1) The two Brookes—Brooke Burns and Brooke Burke.
    2) Monet Mazur (brainy girl?)
    3) Bif Naked
    6) The girl who played the “bad” geisha in “Memoirs Of A Geisha”. Yes, she plays the Bad Girl.
    7) Soap actress/model/Playboy playmate/Dancing with star person…what the heck’s her name?! Kelly Marie Monaco?

    And now the guys?
    Who cares?

    Now…Sean Connery…he’s also rumored to appear in Indy Jones 4, but I wouldn’t mind it if he did cameo in Royale. After all, other actors have appeared as “other characters” in the Bond films: Maud Adams, Joe Don Baker…there might be a few others.

    The X-love triangle? meh, nothing to see here, move along.

    Oh, and Baywatch happens…the “Enterprise” Vulcan gal…what’s her name again?

    -Sealer one year older yesterday.

  5. Haven’t listened yet. Will tomorrow. I just wanted to be an asshole today and provide you with some info. Recently you (John) asked the readers what things would make themovieblog better or more enjoyable. I compiled a list for you of all the responses and the number of times they were mentioned (in paranthesis).
    HERE I GO:

    1. create a FORUM (6)
    2. movie reviews in your AE and posts (5)
    3. snappier, jazzier, nicer look or presentation to the site (5)
    4. can’t hi-lite text with most browsers (4)
    5. winfixer ad/pop-up is obtrusive and annoying (4)
    6. better english, spelling, grammar, etc in your posts (4)
    – including pronouncing stars’ names correctly in the AE (joSS whedon). Again, I agree, this is VERY annoying and it makes me question your wise-ness (my word) sometimes
    7. on AE, discuss a couple of topics not already on page (3)
    8. longer AE (3)
    9. text disappears sometimes (3) – I added a number, because this happens to me occasionally.
    10. one article written by a reader per week (2)
    11. be nicer to Connelly (1) – fuck that.


    1. movie reviews added to posts and AE (good job by the way. I like the way you did it too, with quick few minute video reviews)
    2. you’ve gone over the 30 minute “rule” a couple of times on your AE.
    That’s it. 2 things (or one and a half).

    Now, I’m not saying I necessarily agree with all or any of these, but I think some of these complaints are very legit and deserve to be addressed. It’s your site and you should do whatever you want to do with it. I think readers are generally happy with everything anyway. But, if you’re going to ask, and people respond (one of the more popular posts as far as commenting goes that I’ve seen), you should maybe take some of what they say into consideration. Even if you don’t want to implement a forum (by the way, 4 people mentioned they DIDN’T want a forum, and I agree), that’s fine, but maybe post about it; saying why not, or that at least you thought about it.

    Sorry to be an ass and that I actually took the time to do this, but I just thought if you’re going to ask the question, you should at least acknowledge the responses that your constituents took the time to give.

    Thanks for your time. Look forward to listening to the new AE on my lunch break tomorrow. Peace.


    P.S. Not being able to hi-lite links and stuff still drives me crazy. I can’t get another browser at work and 85% of the population uses IE. out.

  6. Okay! a film that doesn’t require talent……..mmmmmmmm! I gave a lot of thought and how about a soft-porn movie. And by the way I thought you said Ice age was the worst movie yet.

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