Anne Hathaway Get’s Knocked Up

Anne HathawayDirector Judd Apatow (The 40 Year Old Virgin) has his next goal in his sights. Knocking up Anne Hathaway! Well… not literally. You see Apatow is naming his new film “Knocked Up”, and from what I’m reading, it already looks like a winner.

The good folks over at CinemaBlend give us the following:

Last we heard about the project, it was to be fuzzy funnyman Seth Rogen’s bid at a starring role. Rogen has been working with Apatow since Freaks & Geeks, and he’s become a little like Apatow’s muse. The Hollywood Reporter says Hathaway is the latest addition to the cast, and it’s probably safe to assume that as the movie title suggests, she’ll be with baby.

The film follows the adventures of a twenty-something guy who discovers he impregnated a one night stand. Comedy, poignancy, and hopefully a great closing credits dance number ensues.

I just loved Seth Rogan’s work in 40 Year Old Virgin and I think he would be a dynamite comedy lead. It’s also mentioned that another 40 Year Old Virgin vet, Paul Rudd, is also attached to the project. I can’t wait for it. But is it believeable that Rogen could score with Hathaway? I hope so… cause that means there’s a chance for me too! Damn!!! As if Anne Hathaway isn’t one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

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3 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway Get’s Knocked Up

  1. Anytime you get booze involved, you never know. Rogen could do it if pretty Anne did enough shots. That’s what will make the movie funny. Her looking around going “how did I end up with this schlub?”

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