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AnneHathaway45.jpgAbout a year ago I posted about an Anne Hathaway film called “Havoc” in which Anne appears in nude and in carious sex scenes including one or two with another girl. I commented that maybe she feels she needs a role like this one to break out of the “princess” stereotype and be taken more seriously.

I actually just put up this post in honor of our good Frined Darren who has often declared Hathaway as the most beautiful girl in Hollywood. So Darren… this one is for you buddy…

The good folks over at Egotastic have gotten their grubby little hands on a bunch of nude shot of Hathaway from Havoc. The image I have on the left is edited for family viewing… because I don’t think nudity on the internet is appropriate. But if you must see the goods… you can view them all unedited by going here. Who loves ya baby.

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  1. I agree with Mr. Lee …I also must add the film “The Last Mango” is in post and from what I have heard there is some strange scenes in this film as well I know there has been talk the film would get an x rating I am sure the final cut will be r or pg.. anyway I read it is being called the next Pulp Fiction we will see

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