Robbie Williams in Saturday Night Fever remake?

RobbieWilliams.jpgI’m really still trying to take this one in and try and understand if either it’s a real story, or another dead end lead from Ananova, however they are claiming that the singer, composer and once off actor Robbie Williams is looking likely to star in a remake of Saturday Night Fever taking over the role that made John Travolta famous.

The Bee Gees are said to be making a £20 million modern version of the hit 70’s film and have ear-marked Robbie for the part of Tony Manero, originally played by John Travolta.

A friend of the Gibb brothers said: ” Robbie is the ideal candidate to play Tony – he can sing, dance, is a good-looking lad and has loads of charisma.”

“A friend” of the Gibb brothers. Mmmm, it does sound like a tall tale, but I wonder how far from the truth it could be? What do you think, from his one appearance in De-Lovely, do you think he’s got what it takes to star in this and put on the dancing shoes of Travolta?

Not only that, but what about the storyline? Are they going to update it to modern day or transport us back to the 70’s? Which would you want to see, and could they possibly make a modern day version work?

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5 thoughts on “Robbie Williams in Saturday Night Fever remake?

  1. Follow up:

    There is one thing I didn’t consider, I just thought of it.

    It isn’t a movie, but a proposed idea for theatre, like “Footloose” was a few years ago.

    Now that makes more sense: a Broadway Musical.

  2. Never happen.

    I think wires got crossed somewhere. Say, the remaining Bee Gees might put out a remastered album/soundtrack. And a video to go with it.

    Okay. I can see that.

    But not a remake of the film. There is no point in it. Now, if someone remade “Staying Alive”, now we’re talking…

  3. I don’t know about his acting chops, but I have added him to my imaginary list of talent for my Flash Gordon remake. Not as an actor, but to score the movie in true Queen fashion.

    I love to day dream.

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