Nicole Kidman in non-Body Snatchers remake

NicoleKidman.jpgWe reported that the much remade film Invasion of the Body Snatchers was to be remade again with Nicole Kidman. Despite the naming of the film as Invasion of the Body Snatchers on IMDB, Jam! Movies have a different take:

…according to The Hollywood Reporter…Kidman would play a Washington psychiatrist who believes a mysterious epidemic affecting the behaviour of humans is linked to aliens and that her son may hold the key to preventing an invasion.

The trade magazine reports the film is neither a reimagining nor a remake of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

So that’s okay then, it’s not a remake or a “reimagining” or perhaps even a “revisualisation” or anything that might require a royalty payout. Yes, that was an overly negative comment. Still, sounds very similar to me!

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6 thoughts on “Nicole Kidman in non-Body Snatchers remake

  1. Now this is an interesting new trend: Appropriating the titles of other films (or properties) and creating entirely different stories around them.

    I, Robot could have started a new thing here.

  2. For once, I would like to see:

    “Remake: The Movie”

    Story is about a group of half-hearted movie executives, whom, powered by loads of unimportant money, decide to make a movie before a desired script is made. They do this, only judging an expected, or estimated box office rake-in. So, they meet up with college antic wild boy “Ben Stiller”, who plays the script guy. Ben later hands them back a script within minutes about a remake of a less popular film, oh….I dunno…”Meatballs”.

    Movie comes out. Does only fair at the box office. Fans see movie. Movie: BAD. Fans: MAD. Movie execs: Don’t care.

    This is a reocurring problem today: Awful remakes and pitiful game/comic movies. Films should be thought out before post production, so that when everything starts on the get-go….you don’t look like Ben Affleck in an action film….just sad looking, film-wise.

    If they’re going to go all nuts on remakes, why not “LEGEND”? or “Short Circuit”, for the kids….either that or make some NON thriller HORROR films. You know the ones? From the 80’s? they actually scared you.

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