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V4VendettaMask.jpgWell here it is, the trailer for the much fretted over V for Vendetta. Through JoBlo, who also carry some cool stills from it, the site is here and offers itself in QT6 or the high definition 7.

Thankfully no bullet time is present, and I have to say that watching it I’m pretty excited. The character of V looks and acts pretty cooly, although he’s not onscreen for long, and the story that is revealed seems to be pretty close to the original. However, there does seem to be some dialogue between Evey and V that sounds a lot like background explanation. Something I personally prefer is done with the medium of film rather than just pages of dialogue to get on with any action. I think that’s my only concern, that the deeper parts of this story are lost in the action. Looking at the trailer though, I think it looks pretty close to being a good attempt.

We shall of course have to wait for the movie, but we can voice our thoughts before then. What about you? What did you feel after the trailer?

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13 thoughts on “V for Vendetta trailer

  1. The mask is the face of Guy Fawkes.

    Guy Fawkes tryed to blow up the parilment on Nov. 5, thus the end of the trailer when he says remeber, remeber, the 5th of November.

  2. Hi Andy. Thanks for making this the first posting place, please do stay and please do keep posting.

    Good comments, it has a complete connection with the Thatcher era, and you can feel that.

    I’m really looking forward to this one, and I think we might be surprised at how close it is to the original.

  3. Hi to everyone,

    This is the first time in my life that i have ever posted anything on the web. I am 38 years old and having just come on this site I have to say that I am so looking forward to V for Vendetta. There are things, scents,films, toys etc that evoke powerful memories as you get older and I still rememeber the first time I read v when it first came out. It is my dual favourite graphic novel of all time (along with the watchmen) and I just hope that the film does the comic book justice. Being British and growing up in the Thatcher years,it had such a resonance and I pray that they honour the integrity of the story. Well, that’s it. Hope I haven’t come across too badly. Whoever you are , take care.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks that this mask looks like the face of the famous french philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes? Ok, I am the only one…

  5. OOOOOOOOH is absolutely right.

    And Hugo Weaving is perfect for it.

    Read the graphic novel people.

    I have read it dozens of times. And so far from the trailer everything seems pretty close to the original, except there is a wee bit too much sunlight. Don’t remember sunlight in the novel.

    After Sith, this is the most anticipated movie of the year for me…

  6. I’m pretty sure she is just a citizen saved by V and taken under his wing. But I’m not sure.

    Like Martin I haven’t read the novel yet and plan to soon.

  7. It looks like it could be a good film. I’m curious about exactly what role Portman’s character has in all of this (I just have vague impressions from the trailer but then I just woke up, ha!). I suppose I’ll have to go read a plot summary or something.

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