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SonoftheMask_Poster.jpgDid anyone in the free world really have any doubt that Son of the Mask would totally suck eggs? I knew it from the time I heard it was going into production without Jim Carrey. That belief was totally solidified the first time I saw the trailer.

Well, the critics are chiming in now and it’s unanimous. No really. Every single review I’ve read of the film without exception all denounce it as trully BAD.

Here’s what some of the critics have to say about it:

“Where the first Mask was an enjoyable kick…, Son of the Mask is more like a swift, hard kick in the family jewels.”
Randy Shulman, METRO WEEKLY

“Loud, mean-spirited and generally obnoxious, Son of the Mask makes the boisterous 1994 original look downright demure and refined.”
Michael Rechtshaffen, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“How bad was it? Lets just say that anyone young enough to enjoy this movie will require a parent to suffer an agonizing ninety minutes for the love of his or her child.”
Stefan Halley, HERO REALM

Who even thought this up? It was a stupid idea to begin with. BIg prediction time… this film won’t cross the $40 million mark at the boxoffice (If I had any real balls I’d predicts less than $25 million).

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5 thoughts on “Son Of The Mask Reviews

  1. You guyz are all fagots, this movie kicked ass. It was the shit. I am already in 4th grade and can say whether a movie is cool or not. And Bob is a dumbass because this movie is not based off a comic book stupid. nether is the one with Jim Kary and you a ll suck because if thir was a mask comic book i would have read it. DUMBASSES!!! go suck eggs u lozers

  2. I am a huge Mask fan.I knew from the fisrt time I heard about this film that it would suck. I had to see for myself, it almost has nothing to do with the comic book, nothing about this film was good. It almost makes me want to cry. Now people are going to look at The MAsk as stupid and childish because of this horrible film, it doesn’t even deserve to be called a film.

  3. I see that this movies score on Rotten Tomatoes has gone from 0% (that’s zero %) to 3% overnight. I often think that critics are too pompous and don’t cut across an even distibution of tastes and personality. However, a % like this is a fair indication that it really does suck.

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