Fahrenheit 9/11 Wins People’s Choice Award

In the season of never ending award shows, the People’s Choice Awards were given out on Sunday night with a couple of surprise winners. First of all, the top award of the night was given to Fahrenheit 9/11 as Best film. Followed by Passion of the Christ for best drama, and Shrek 2 for best comedy. best sequel, best animated film and one or two others as well. NBC reported the following:

Moore dedicated his win to the U.S. troops fighting overseas and said he was “amazed” that people voted his film their favorite. “I love making movies and I’ll take this as an invitation to make more ’Fahrenheit 9/11s,”’ Moore said.

Hmmm… I liked F-9/11, but even I don’t want to see anymore. Just do Sicko (his new film coming up about the American Health Care System) and we’ll all be happy.

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11 thoughts on “Fahrenheit 9/11 Wins People’s Choice Award

  1. Please note, any British readers of Movie Blog who haven’t seen (or want a free repeat viewing), Fahrenheit 9/11 is being shown Thursday 27th January on channel 4!

  2. I didn’t need Fox News or anybody else to tell me that liberals “stuff” online polls. Libs love to swarm online polls to give the appearance of victory. Remember election day? Everybody thought Kerry was going to win in a landslide because of the exit polls and online polls.

  3. From France, Farenheit seems much more right and usefull than “Passion of Gibson”. Movies with heart and passion are way thumbs up than “Troy, Alexander” ans so on

  4. sounds like adam read the story old fox news wrote on the award…the only news agency who accused michael moore of stuffing by the way…unless you consider somehing like newsmax a news agency.

  5. Interesting to note that if you look at the box office numbers, “Passion” blew “F-911” out of the water. People Choice polls are about as reliable as any other online poll and are suseptable to “stuffing.”

  6. Jeb is George’s brother.

    Funny how the right wing still obsesses over a Hillary Clinton Presidency, even though it appears she’s not at all interested (and frankly she has no chance at it). The Republicans have always been very obsessed over a Democratic dynasty (i.e. the Kennedys) yet it is they who have it through the Bushes — not even the Kennedys achieved this. And yet they are still worried about Hillary. WTF?

    If the next President is going to be Republican, it should be either John McCain or Guiliani. We don’t need another Bush. This country was founded on the concept of getting away from dynasties. So what the hell happened? Not even Canada, John’s motherland and which never rebelled against Britain, has this problem.

  7. John, I thought you was a fan of F9-11? With previous posts on here you defended the film and its content. Now you seem to be waining. I haven’t yet seen the movie, so don’t know whether it is any good. I have read all the Moore books however, and looked into his source material, and they make very interesting and scary reading!

    I heard the other day that even though Bush can only serve 4-more years (thank the lord above!) his cousing Jeb is going to run for president! Will the world ever escape the Wrath of Bush!!! (hey that sounds like a film title to me!)

  8. This particular awards show leans heavily on who’s popular in the media.

    Not only could you figure who had the most hype to win the award but also who was in the audience ?!!! It seemed the only nominees attending the awards show were also the winners !?

  9. I know what you mean Mark. I guess Bush only won the election by like 1% – 2% of the vote. Those in the US who dislike Bush… REALLY dislike him. So I suppose they all voted in mass. Maybe if there was a pro-bush film that wasn’t a total hack job (like Faren-hype, and others like it) it would have won instead.

    Tough to tell. The pulse of the movie going pubblic is often more mysterious than Vin Diesle’s film career.

  10. I’m truly surprised that the People’s Choice Awards gave it to F-911… isn’t it comprised of mainstream moviegoers who vote for the awards? So how the heck did this happen? I thought Bush won the election, and Joe and Jane Cineplexgoer were Bush lovers.

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