Peter Jackson’s Next Film After Kong

PeterJackson6.jpgIt looks like Peter Jackson has set his eyes on his next big film project after he’s done with King Kong. Sorry to tell you folks (but not surprisingly), but it ain’t The Hobbit. The Hobbit will get made… but it could be another 5-7 years. Anyway, back on topic…

The good folks over at JoBlo report the following about Jackson’s next project:

Despite working overtime on his KING KONG remake, Peter Jackson isn’t planning on just sitting in a hot tub with two Brazilian strippers for the next couple of years. He’s planning on actually getting back to work. I’m telling you, that guy’s got his priorities all out of whack. The awesome site Kong is King recently got a scoop that Jackson’s next project will be a World War I epic about “The Anzacs”.

Hmmm… a WWI film sounds kinda fun. You don’t see many of those. Most of them usually revolve around WW2.

Personally I think Jackson needs to stay away from the Hobbit for a few good years to keep himself from being associated exclusively with middle-earth. Like I said though, The Hobbit will get done, but give Jackson a good 3-4 other projects to work on first.

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12 thoughts on “Peter Jackson’s Next Film After Kong

  1. Hey Jeremiah…

    No he’s not working on Halo. He’s not working on Halo at all. He’s just one of the Executive Producers on Halo… which means he’s not really doing anything on it except lending his name. The movie already has Lead producers… and Jackson is not directing Halo. Read the offficial press realease… all Jackson is doing is “consult” occasionally. That’s it.

    Sorry mate.

  2. peter jackson is actuly going to make a halo moivie rather than a ww1 moivie i know what your thinking if your a halo fan it blows you away right but if you arnt and you hate halo your thinking BS rihgt. well thats all i have to say thanx for reading this

  3. Mr peter jackson i’m a Nigerian and i’d loved your work ever since the production of the lords of the ring,it really inspired me that i developed a script having the title of one of Enya’s album ADIEMUS i’ll really love to sell it to you cos i think your the only producer who can get the picture of my immagination.If you want it you could mail me to ask for it.Thanks.([email protected])

  4. eerr hi,
    Um I just got this Brainstorm and thought that doing a Transformers ( Autobots, Decepticons ) movie would be a great idea. The original story of the Cybetron war and how they came to be on Earth is quite human, visually there is a lot of room to move.
    If you ever wanna do a sci-fi then Transformers would be the one,

  5. Mr. Jackson, is there a way I can contact you personly? There is something that could make a dream come true I MUST ask you? You are the only person I know that can do this job perfectly. When you have time email me your address.

  6. The ANZACs have already been done! It would be great if PJ considered doing a movie based on Sir Charles Upham, who won the Victoria Cross twice for his actions during the war. I’ve just read Upham’s book ,”Mark of the Lion”, and I reckon it’s the best war story I’ve ever read. If PJ’s going to do a war movie it should be this!!

  7. Dear Mr. Jackson,
    Thank you for considering to make a wwi film. I could think of no better person for the task. Please try not to do anything about the canadians because they haven’t earned the right to have a movie made about them. Anyone but the canadians! I’m sure this film will have a spectacular outcome if it is anything like the lord of the rings.
    good luck,
    John Ritchie

  8. The best world war 1 film ever made would be about how the canadians held vimmy ridge!!

    actually, i am going to make it, so back off!

    seriosuly though, would make an incredible film, google it and find out.

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