Matt Damon Wanted A Smaller Role In Ocean’s 12

I like Matt Damon, always have. He’s one of those rare celebrities that seems to be able to avoid the spot light when not on camera and carries a real dignity about him. Very cool.

However, a part of me wonders what to think of this little story from the IMDB where apparently Damon requested to have a smaller role in Ocean’s 12 because he was tired:

Damon says, “I actually asked for a smaller part this time around. I wanted to do less work because I had just come off The Bourne Supremacy and I was tired.” Despite the actor’s protests, producers George Clooney, Jerry Weintraub and Steven Soderbergh insisted Caldwell have more screen time. Clooney jokes, “Matt showed up and told us he had this big hit sequel under his belt so we’d need him to sell our picture. We had no choice but to give him a bigger part.”

Ok, on the one hand I think to myself “You big sucky baby! It’s not like you work in a steel mill or road construction! You’re paid to do a job, now get in front of the camera and act”!

But then on the other hand I think “Well, acting can be demanding, and it is refreshing to see a celebrity who isn’t just worried about top billing or getting more of the glory… so good on ya Matt”

I’m torn. Which way should I think on this?

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5 thoughts on “Matt Damon Wanted A Smaller Role In Ocean’s 12

  1. Well since you asked: The guy makes enough money that he’s not forced to work more than he wants to. He could have just walked away and said “screw you guys!” But obviously, he honored the producer’s requests and did his job. You should be glad there is still actors around who aren’t totally self-absorbed, grabbing as much glory and money as they can.

    I think that 16-hour days for a two or three months straight would make anyone truly tired. I don’t feel Damon’s a “baby” in that sense.

    Damon picks good projects, doesn’t grandstand without delivering (like his buddy Affleck), and seems genuinely like a “good guy.” I don’t think he really deserves the criticism.

  2. Matt Damon is one the most genuine, down to earth actors in Hollywood. I think he deserves a break too. I am astonished he didn’t get an Oscar nod for Talented Mr Ripley, that has to be one of my all time favourites.

    When Matt was here in Australia promoting he said that his mother (an Early Childhood professor) thinks acting is nonsense and that its an outrage that he gets paid so much money for it. That keeps him pretty grounded *grin* I don’t think he’d be complaining without good cause.

  3. I think Damon’s got chops and probably deserves a break. Though I can’t imagine that Ocean’s 12 would be giving him a diffucult character or even much in the way of action. Meh, I say whatever. Now, if it was Affleck on the other hand…

  4. I would cut him some slack on that. He has been a pretty straight ahead guy. Doesn’t show up in the news doing stupid stuff, usually picks very good movies. Besides I don’t know how much of the stunt work he did in Supremacy, but even a little bit and I bet it could leave you a bit banged up and tired.

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