Only 3 in the Fantastic Four?

Well not exactly.

But three of of four have actually been cast. No news yet on who will play the nemisis Doctor Doom, but rumours are bouncing around as to who will play Sue Richards (ironically the “Invisible Woman”) which also hasnt been assigned.

“20th Century Fox has cast Michael Chiklis (TV’s The Shield) to play Ben Grimm/The Thing, Ioan Gruffudd (King Arthur) as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic and Chris Evans (Cellular) as Johnny Storm/the Human Torch in its Fantastic Four adaptation.

The $85 million-$90 million adaptation of the Marvel comic is headed for an August or September start in Vancouver. The planned release date is July 1, 2005, when it will face off against Paramount’s Mission: Impossible 3. Tim Story is directing from a script by Simon Kinberg.”

I am hopeful about the FF movie, as I am with ANY comic book adaptation to film. Oddly, I am not too familar with any of these performers.

Who do YOU think might make a good Sue Richards?

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