Think you’re being overwhelmed with ads? You’re Right.

Most things, in a general respect, grow in small percentages at a time: Profits, Classroom numbers, your Grade Point Average, Women’s Opinion of Me. Y’know – typical stuff. And the longer the object in question has been around with a steady pattern, the less likely it will have a sudden jump in growth. One thing that falls outside of this rule: Corporate advertisments and the lust for more profit.

In the United States last year, Cinema Related Ads jumped a whopping 37 Percent above the previous year. Holy Crap. READ THE ARTICLE.

Easily the most frustrating of these ads are the projected motion ads that we are literally FORCED to watch as part of the ticket purchase. Trailers, I don’t mind: it’s simply an ad for more of the very product you just purchased — ie: I don’t mind a waiter telling me what the special is, because I’m hungry, and I’d like to know – I’m there to eat, aren’t I?… However, I would have a problem if the waiter took it upon himself to sell me Ginsu knives or a magazine subscription. I’m paying for my meal. And That’s it.

Not only is it frustrating and stupid, it’s 37% more frustrating and stupid.

I posted about this a while ago, but I would strongly agree with:
The guy from China who sued movie theatres for “breaching a contract of scheduling” by showing ads before a movie. – Click this.

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