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  1. when is it coming out? i cant wait for it to come out. i read the books just last year and i couldnt wait to see the movies, i saw the movies that bbc made and they sucked major, they almost ruined the books for me but i know that if they remake the movies then they will make so much money and everyone will love it.

  2. [babble]Well, I’m certainly looking forward to the day Narnia comes to the big screen, and let us pray that it is not mangled beyond recognition. Though I must say that with the recent pattern of well-loved books being faithfully adapted into movies (i.e. Holes, the Lord of the Rings, A Series of Unfortunate Events), it is quite possible that this one will stay true to the feel of the original book. Oh, and one last thing for Professors Lewis and Tolkien: Go Inklings![/babble]

  3. Make the story as C.S. Lewis intended it to be. reslly Don’t block out the Christian messages, thats one of the big reason’s he made the book i say, if your going to make a movie do it just like the origanl book not your book

  4. Here’s some simple advice. Stay as close to the books as possible. PpLLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!! I’ve seen movies in which the makers had a lot to work with, but they didn’t use it(King Authur.)

    Also, don’t put to much disney magic into it it. That might make it a little cheesy. But still don’t put so much darkness in it that it seems depressing.

    Make the story as C.S. Lewis intended it to be. Don’t block out the Christian messages in it. They are not clearly visible, but I recognized it.

    To “friend,” goods words well said. And to “Booklover” you are right. If people don’t like the Chronicles of Narnia, why do they get on the website?

  5. As a reader of many different types of books, in a wide varity of age categories; I would have to say that the works of C.S. Lewis are some of the most profound books to be read. And this statement goes for anyone of any age. C.S. Lewis wrote this series of books for children. Because sometimes children can see things that adults can not. Adults have already been taught what to think and how to act, but children, not having such limitations can be reseptive to new and different ideas. And Lewis having the courage to take a stand and do some thing that many others had not done, and still profess that his strong religious believes did tie in to his books not caring if people thought he was a “religious” nut, but knowing in his heart that he had done what was right.
    This man is something to aspire too.
    P.S. To those who don’t like the books what are you doing here complaining??? You don’t like them go so where else.

  6. darkness, yes, but also light. there was an immense amount of positive action shown throughout the books. while i agree that there should be much darkness, the director should not forget to look to all of the positive aspects of the movie, especially at the end. but yes, the darkness will help to give the movie the proper tone.

  7. i am SO glad to see this movie coming out. i want to see it NOW! i have had such huge bouts of rage with the BBC for their production of Narnia. they almost ruined the books for me. i mean their heart was in the right place but when you dont have the technology to do the movie right dont do it! anyway this production looks amazing and i am glad to see the darkness portrayed in the images above because the story was written with darkness in it. this rules!

  8. very well said friend. i totally agree with you. if a person wished to remove all of god from the world, they would have to destroy the earth and everything in it, and then, themselves. how strange that the world is so ready to drift away from the one who created us and only wishes to pull us from this pit of sin we call earth.

  9. C.S. Lewis most certainly used the Chronicles of Narnia to create an allegory of God’s story for us. It is a beautiful story… I don’t know what you consider to be “Christian Propaganda.” If you mean that it points towards God, then, yeah, it is. But then, so is the entire world. You can’t take God out of the world and have any meaning.

  10. yeah so this movie is gonna totally rock. i really agree with almost everyone on this board (excluding tamerlane{still cool, bad opinions, but i enjoy that you voice them} and a few others).anyways im really happy that this looks like its coming together really well. also, on a side note ENDERS GAME!!!! its gonna rock, check it out. peace

  11. I enjoyed the BBC films which is how I came across the books. BBC did a pretty damn good job of telling the tale for what technology they had back in the 80’s. This remake will have the normal Hollywood cutting. I just don’t want it to be something that a newer generation looks down upon as bad. Like with the Ninja Turtles. The average kid now hates them…which is a sad thought. Hopefully the movie will clearly represent the novel. Since LOTR fantasy has gotten a new wedge on the movie industry. They are also making a remake of The Last Unicorn..which has most of the original cast back from the 80’s version.

  12. Definately looking forward to this movie. I’m sure the Disney Magic will be a good thing for it as well.

    I’m hoping for a pg-13 rating cause there’s a little violence in the books. Dinsey isn’t incapable of it. PoC afterall is PG13

    Either way it’ll kick major arse.

  13. this is gonna kik sum major ass. Lewis is a mastermind, like his fellow writer Tolkien. I cant wait for The Chronicles of Narnia to come out. I’m glad of the dark undertone, because it reflects the kind of spell Jadis put over the land. Anyhoo *waits anxiously glancing at clock every 5 seconds waiting for it to come out* damn im so impatient.

  14. Like The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia is also a work of literature, not merely another piece of fiction. That Tolkien and C.S. Lewis were friends only adds dimension to the relationship between their writings. The movie version of Narnia will surely rekindle interest in the writings of Tolkien, as well as those of Lewis. Perhaps one day Peter Jackson will bring The Silmarillion to the silver screen. If Narnia paves the way, so be it. As for “Christian propaganda,” you might as well trash all of Michaelangelo, all of Bach, much of Rembrandt, most of John Milton, and a thousand other major artistic achievements. And definitely good-bye to the Brahms German Requiem and the Berlioz Te Deum. Kyrie Eleison!

  15. I really enjoyed reading “The Chronicles of Narnia.” I hope I enjoy the movies as much as the books. I’ll be disappointed if they mess the story up just to add a little more Hollywood style. I can’t wait to see how it turns up!

  16. I would have to say that as a child I loved this books, a lot. I don’t even really read that much now, but these still mean a lot to mean. And Christian propaganda? When I read these at the ripe old age of too young to remember, I barely knew what Christianity was.

    And look at me now. Still love the books and still don’t believe in any god. Christian propaganda doesn’t work I guess.

  17. Propaganda? None of the books ask the reader to buy into the ideals of the author, and most people can appreciate the story for its literary value whether or not they agree with its perspective. The Chronicles of Narnia is an allegory like so many of Lewis’s other books, and regardless of whether or not it is propaganda it could make one heck of a movie providing Disney and Walden throw enough resources at it. That said, I’m looking foward to seeing how it’s done and who the cast will be. Andrew Adamson (Shreck, and Shreck 2)is a good director. I hope he doesn’t blow it.

  18. the whole series is definitely written with christian and religious undertones, but it is by no means propaganda. as a child reading those books, and thoroughly enjoying them, the thought never crossed my mind at all, which i think was Lewis’ intention. Just because they were based on a certain ideology does not make them synonomous with such.

    i loved those books so much as a kid. my favorite was the magician’s nephew i hope they don’t screw up my childhood memories. hollywood has a way of doing that.

  19. Christian propaganda? What? like the Matrix, Superman, Lord of the Rings and a huge number of other resonant works? There’s a reason these stories resonate so strongly…

  20. The Narnia books weren’t written with a Christian agenda in mind. Lewis wrote them because he was getting frustrated by how long Tolkein was taking to write The Hobbit (because the man was a wild perfectionist) and wanted to demonstrate that it wasn’t actually that difficult to write a children’s book and shouldn’t take that long. Thus The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe was born.

    Which isn’t to say that Aslan isn’t a messiah figure, but if you start shitting on every book or film ever made that happens to include a messiah figure you’re going to be defecating for a very long time on a lot of very major and universally recognized works of art.

  21. >Does anyone really care?
    – Actually, yes. Many do. A CEO wouldn’t put millions of dollars behind films if no one did. And seeing that J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis were buds, now is a fantastic time to capitalize on that. As far as business goes.

    >The Chronicles of Narnia suck.
    – J.R.R. Tolkien would disagree. Since J.R.R. Tolkien has clout, I’ll side with him.

    >Bullshit Christian Propoganda
    – Simply opinion. I’m sorry your personal experience with this is clouding your chances of seeing what may be a fantastic series of film.

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